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Why being branded as “intolerant” should be seen as a mark of greatest honor:

Nassim Taleb, in his book, Skin In The Game, outlines the reasons why in most societies, a small intolerant minority can have a huge impact.

The Kosher population represents less than three tenth of a percent of the residents of the United States. Yet, it appears that almost all drinks are Kosher. Why? Simply because going full Kosher allows the producer, grocer, restaurant, to not have to distinguish between Kosher and nonkosher for liquids, with special markers, separate aisles, separate inventories, different stocking sub-facilities. And the simple rule that changes the total is as follows:

A Kosher (or halal) eater will never eat nonkosher (or nonhalal) food , but a nonkosher eater isn’t banned from eating kosher.

Recent history:

In India, intolerant minorities have long been given privileged status. Former Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, proclaimed that the Muslim minority had the first right to India’s resources! As a result, the pluralist and tolerant Hindu majority have been reduced to third-class citizens. So-called “secular” politicians try to break the Hindu majority on caste and community lines for the sake of votes at every given chance.

The British colonialist two-nation plan originally planned to have a Muslim Pakistan and a Hindu India. However, weak-willed leaders such as Gandhi and Nehru rejected the idea of a Hindu India and instead opted for a “secular” India where no religion is given priority. This sounded good in theory. But, over the past 70 years after independence, Hindus have largely been given the back seat in most areas.

The vast majority of India has suffered economic injustice because of the poverty and illiteracy resulting from corrupt socialist policies carried out by the secular regime for 70 years. Also, Hindus do not have the right to manage their own temples, run educational institutes. Hindu law was reformed in 1950. For some strange reason, the laws for other religions were never subjected to reform. So, the Muslims and Christians of India are today largely free to practice their religion as they wish. They have the privilege to persecute and harass Hindus at every given chance with violence and conversion. The Hindu majority has largely tolerated this harsh treatment.

Leftism, Christianity, and Islam impose a monoculture:

The Indian leftist intellectual class, along with the Mullahs and Padres ceaselessly proclaim themselves to be the champions of freedom, diversity, and inclusion. However, their track record all over the world speaks another story. The Islamists have been notorious for being iconoclasts. They have destroyed 1000s of years of priceless historical treasures. Following the Babri Masjid demolition of 1991, more than 200 Hindu temples were destroyed in Pakistan. The Bamiyan Buddha is another prime example of this.


The Christians have had a history of brutal violence and intolerance beginning from their earliest days. This history has been coming out recently.

Also, the leftist dictatorships of China, USSR, and other places have succeeded in wiping out most of the local culture and history.

Compared to this, Bharat has always followed a policy of inclusion and pluralism thanks to the influence of Hinduism. The varnashrama (caste) dharma system ensured that a diversity of traditions was preserved. Bharat has also played host to the Parsis and Jews since many centuries. This is the glorious Hindu culture that these Hindu-baiters want to destroy.

Shivaji’s “intolerant” minority were victorious: Intolerance always wins:

Today, liberals and other leftist authoritarians routinely condemn the practice of Hinduism. They regularly try to condemn the display of Hindu symbols, for example, that of Hanuman.

Also, in 2015, the self-proclaimed “intellectual” elites of urban India began the drama of returning their awards, when no one questioned why they were awarded in the first place. The reason for this drama was the perceived “intolerance” of the Hindu majority.

However, as can be seen from history, it is always an intolerant minority who always wins. Shivaji’s mother, Jijabai, instilled in him a sense of dharma and pride. Thanks to his mother’s influence, Shivaji was able to defeat an evil empire and establish a new age of justice in the form of the Hindavi Swarajya. Shivaji accomplished this with a minority of soldiers and commanders who stood for dharma.

As shown by Shivaji, Hindus need to learn from their own history that an “intolerant” minority, such as Shivaji’s army of soldiers of dharma, can have an immense impact on the world. Also, in the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna advised Arjuna to be intolerant to those who oppose dharma. Instead of needlessly worrying, Hindus should wear the label of intolerance with pride. Being intolerant towards those who carry out injustice and ‘adharma’ in the world is a required duty of every soldier of dharma.

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