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An open letter to Mamta Banerjee

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Dear Didi,

I have been a fan of yours. You are a role model for all the women. You have single-handedly dismantled the citadel of communists, after years of hard work. But whatever is happening in Bengal, is unthinkable, saddening and devastating.

Bengal, the land of great thought leaders and revolutionaries who inspired Indians to fight against the British. The land of Netaji, Tagore, Swami Vivekananda, Shri Aurobindo. I am sure they will be crying in the heaven looking at the present state of Bengal.
Right to vote is the basic tenets of democracy. Right to vote is the basis of our constitution as elaborated by Baba Saheb.

But your goons:

  • Thrashed the candidates
  • Burnt the ballots
  • Killed the workers
  • Mutilated the officers
  • Raped the women
  • Paraded the voters

How many more Trilochan Mahatos, Dulal Kumars would be hanged to death by your Gundas?

Still, you are the most discussed 2019 PM face for The ‘Avial’ or The ‘Bhel Puri’ alliance! Is that why the entire national media cried out the death of democracy when Yeddyurappa tried to stay Kumara Swamy becoming CM but did not even condemn when you won 32% of seats during panchayat polls in Bengal without opposition?

You can outrightly appease certain sections, you can give shelter to illegal migrants, you can make new allies for gains, you can talk about saving democracy without looking at your home, you can be alleged in chit fund scams and turn a blind eye towards your nephew for the scams. All this can be ignored, but not allowing a person to vote is the worst form of genocide of the democracy and the constitution.

I got to respect you for single-handedly bringing down the communist rule in Bengal. But now all for staying in power your show of atrocities are way ahead of them, you have nearly completed the task of ruining Bengal that the Left Front left you with. Yet u did manage to win the recent panchayat election. Opposition dared to give their nominations, much similar to what happens in some ‘communist villages’ of Kannur Kerala, where the opposition parties including Congress will give their nomination for the namesake, but don’t even dare to stick their posters on Walls!
Political killings of Kannur are now famous Nationwide. Now that the communists are a minority in the country they are loud enough in using words like Democratic values, Freedom Of Expression, Liberalism etc. The Irony is that communism in their theory itself advocates Dictatorship. If we take examples from the communist leaders of the world, from Joseph Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro etc to the popular communists of modern times Xi Jinping & Kim Jong-un are all Dictators.

The Article 2 of the party constitution of CPIM states that,

“The Communist Party of India (Marxist) is the revolutionary vanguard of the working class of India. Its aim is socialism and communism through the establishment of the state of *dictatorship* of the proletariat. In all its activities the Party is guided by the philosophy and principles of Marxism-Leninism which shows to the toiling masses the correct way to the ending of exploitation of man by man, their complete emancipation.”

So Dictatorship is their established agenda, and it is for a decorative purpose that they say their Dictatorship is in the name of Proletariat – A Dictatorship for the working class. Here we should remember that all Dictators rule in the name of people and the masses. The most popular Dictator, Adolf Hitler had its Party name as Nationalist ‘Socialist ‘ party aka Nazi Party. China is called as the People’s republic of China, do people have any role in there,? Do they enjoy the freedom of expression, like the commies shout here in India? Same is the case with North Korea.

All that I was trying to explain is that honestly there is no space for proper democracy in communism, what you are doing now is something that communists often do everywhere, thus for Bengal Communism isn’t an alternative against you. I hope Bengal wouldn’t have forgotten the Nandigram Incident.

Bengal has a history of violence to tell from the reign of Babur to the British, Bengal is one of the prime victims of Partition too, and the story of violence continues till day. Why don’t you be the change maker and mark your place in the history? I wish you could restore the peace in Bengal and bring back the glory. Let that be your expiration for whatever you have done to your people and your Legacy will be remembered for generations.

Warm Regards.

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