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It’s our way or the highway – The ‘liberal’ scoop

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The dissolving space for dissent against the ‘liberal’ way of thinking.

“All men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, among these lives, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America stated in 1776 predominantly highlighting the essence of the ‘Liberal principles’ to bring about equality among citizens. It was the foundation for establishing a ‘republic’ where the power rests in the hands of the people.

It’s not the same ever since.

Let us be very clear, Liberal ideology is and always has been a political movement, the association of the word ‘Liberalism’ gaining importance in politics since the 19th century. George Orwell in 1945, in his thinly veiled allegory against communism, ‘Animal Farm’ stated, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” Today’s liberal ideology is an exemplary example of what he meant by that. But again, in principle, the lines between communism and liberalism diminishes the very second we step out of the personal economy domain.

The Indian ‘Liberal’ story

Mainstream liberals in India and the journalists who love themselves so much, perverse to their counterparts in the west, just like Conservatives and Nationalists and ‘Bhakths’ (A juvenile label by liberals to everyone who supports RW ideologies) are slaves to their own set of ideologies. The only difference being the Conservatives openly admit to their ideology. And this ‘liberal ideology’ has been nurtured for decades by political patronage and rewards.

The political environment has never been the same since 2014. Here is one tweet which explains, in principle, exactly what has been happening ever since.

Over the decades, the quintessential and cool ‘I am a liberal’, ‘Anti-majoritarian’ thinking has encroached all institutions of this country where suckery pays handsomely, be it politics, Bollywood, academia, or journalism. The rise of the assertive ‘Hindu’, at least in the online ideological spaces has not gone down well with these so-called ‘Leftists’. The rise of Modi and his popularity has rendered most of these ‘Secularists’ ideologically naked and compelled them to hate the very essence of the ‘majority’ culture of this nation. They are not even hiding it anymore.

The above ‘news’ was proved to be fake. No acknowledgment on the fake news whatsoever. Even the tweet is not deleted by @sagarikaghose, a prominent (can be contested) left-leaning journalist.

For decades, the political patrons of these people have reaped handsomely due to the ‘divided’ and politically subverted Hindus which they are trying to keep it that way by leaving no stones unturned, where even non-performance on the governance front would pass off without any scrutiny.

Take what has been happening in the past few days.

The investigation by @amnesty (Amnesty International), a left-leaning organization, has revealed that around 100 Hindus were massacred and women and children were forced to convert to Islam by Islamist militants in Myanmar which sparked the expulsion of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar by the military and Buddhist militants. Yet, the monkey balancing of Amnesty is open for all to see here:

The deafening silence and lack of outrage on the above by the usual suspects here in India were not surprising.

Of late, being ‘nationalists’ or any sort of rebuttal and calling out the hypocrisy against these liberal ideologies are immediately labeled as ‘misogynists’, ‘whataboutery.’ ‘Bhakths’ are pretty much treated as ‘dimwits’, after all, the sense of intellectual entitlement and being important has deep roots in the way they have been nurtured throughout years and any sort of dissent puts them in a very uncomfortable situation.

The ‘liberal’ ecosystem in India is openly communal, bigoted and vile but it’s generally not so apparent as they normally try to win over arguments based on such issues even before having the debate, and they are very good at this. Come 2019, the atmosphere was set to such a tone that this ecosystem will hold back nothing to ensure defeat to Modi, it’s apparent after Karnataka polls and the debates that followed after that. It’s high time everyone sees through the hypocrisy of this ideology and hold them accountable for what they profess.

The time is now.

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