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How to expose and boycott Hinduphobic liberals?

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The Hindu Right Wing has many representatives on social media platforms. A large amount of time is spent in responding to crazy mutterings of the left liberals. Such liberal craziness needs to be well-documented and completely exposed. The liberal left also has a big social media presence. A typical series of events can be seen to happen almost daily.

  1. A left spokesperson spews some hateful bile about Hinduism, Modi, Hindutva or some other matter close to the hearts of the RW crowd.

2. Suddenly, Hindu RW social media accounts and websites start quoting and criticising the unfortunate brain fart.

3. Liberals start playing the victim card and begin complaining to all those who would listen. As a result, many RW accounts get suspended and liberals get a free promotion in their miserable careers.


The same vicious cycle of giving free promotion has been going on in the world of social media, and other forums. The careers of such assorted liberals such as @VORdotcom, Ram Guha, and others have been boosted generously by the outrage of Indian RW.

It is well known how much of a massive infrastructure the left have in the form of mainstream media, academics and government administration. These Breaking India forces are also abundantly supplied by foreign funds as has been repeatedly exposed on opindia and elsewhere.

How to expose and boycott liberals?

It may be time to consider the best approach to responding to the insane utterances of the liberal left. It has to be done in such a way that their miserable careers do not get free publicity and website visits. Every Hinduphobic incident needs to be exposed and publicised. However, this should be done in such a way that the careers of the Hinduphobes are not boosted.

Linking to websites like Wire and BuzzFeed and quoting liberal social media accounts only helps to promote the Breaking India forces. Maybe it is time to start using the internet archive and screenshots to expose such forces.

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