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Bollywood’s mysterious love for a terror exporting country like Pakistan

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Bollywood is a mirage. This is an industry where most of the times people massage each other’s egos all the while selling their moral compass to the highest bidder to bring them the money. Glamorous and masala blockbuster actors used to be (and still are) commenting on sensitive issues without knowing even little about it. Previously, we as gullible audience used to give them a benefit of doubt that they might be unaware and simply obliging to the media-persons who might be simply pushing for a byte. But no. There’s always something that we miss.

Recently, “Bheja Fry” actor Vinay Pathak said this.

Pakistan is the only country where indians are treated with special care.

The statement made here is that ONLY PAKISTAN takes care of Indians and Indian artists. If it were from a regular glamorous left-leaning liberal Bollywood artist, I wouldn’t have cared much. Vinay Pathak is a renowned artist known for his non-commercial focus in films. Well, only till now.

One does not need to travel around the world to experience care and treatment given to Indians across the world. A simple Google search can lead us to first-hand stories like this and this which shows many countries are inherently courteous to mostly all the people across the spectrum of the world, regardless of the fact that whichever country they belong to; a fact which virtue signalling liberal artists would feel uncomfortable sharing with. USA, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Indonesia, Russia, Canada, Britain are some examples where Indians are welcomed with open arms and many are working towards good positions in their respective careers. Many countries have special regards for Bollywood actors like Amitabh Bachchan and they have a huge fan following as well. In many countries like Kenya, Uganda and other African countries, Indians have held respectable and prominent positions in their respective geopolitics, businesses and sports as well!

Amidst this discussion, how can we forget the all-weather friend of India, Israel? The most important ally, a friend of India, Israel views Indians in a widely respected perspective. Even vice versa is true. Israeli people in India are welcomed with the same warmth, the respect and friendliness are mutual.

A terror exporting country like Pakistan, that regularly funds terrorists and militants against India, is seen as a likeable country for the majority of the Bollywood celebrities. Although Pakistan has never hesitated to ban many Indian movies (Freedom of speech, eh), Bollywood folks have never shied away from displaying their love for Pakistan. We probably won’t be able to understand the compulsion to “like” such a country.


The statement made by Vinay Pathak, holds true, albeit in the opposite manner. Filmmakers, their fascination of casting Pakistani actors for minuscule roles just to grab more eyeballs and generate more publicity. Many artists from Pakistan come to explore their Bollywood careers and are paid good money. As if there’s a dearth of talented artists in India.

We do admire Adnan Sami and his talent; the very fact that he is now an Indian citizen shows how India welcomes and treats those who love India. Do any of the (so-called) liberal celebrities have the guts to even think of living in Pakistan as a Pakistani citizen, just because they are the ONLY country providing them “special treatment”? Heck no

A Bollywood celeb can perform charity shows to donate for earthquake and flood victims in Pakistan, but cannot condemn the dastardly attacks that Pakistani terrorists kill Indian soldiers and citizens regularly, be it the 26/11 attacks or the Pathankot attack or many such others in the past.


There’s an unspoken rule about few actors not willing to do movies which show Pakistan in a negative light. Don’t believe me? Head to IMDB and check the history of films having India Pakistan relations as a plot. More than 90% films show Pakistan as a nation has good intentions and few fringe elements don’t want that goodness to prevail, hence the Indo-Pak disputes.

A few films stand out though. Among them, Sarfarosh is a noteworthy mention, that stands apart from other movies, a film that tries to portray what is factually right, focusing on the intent of Pakistan to destabilize India by supplying arms and promoting dissent.

Lastly, An artist should remain an artist. If he/she tries to politicize matters that are sensitive in nature; he/she cannot be let off with idiotic remarks. If someone feels so comfortable in Pakistan, who is stopping that person to go and extend their stay there to enjoy the special treatment they receive in Pakistan. The despicable and detestable mindsets they present.

Although there’s one very important aspect we understand what drives them to love Pakistan.

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