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BSP opportunism let-down Late Brahm Dutt Dwivedi, the man who saved Mayawati

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Politics is notoriously recognised for making “impossible possible” and turn a foe into an ally. Such essence may be the possible rationale for BSP supremo letting slip from memory the “Lucknow Guest House Kand”.

On June 2, 1995, Mayawati with other colleagues locked themselves for hours from inside at Lucknow Guest house. They were surrounded by terror and intimation lead by SP (Samajwadi Party) hooligans who marched with the vow of teaching rising the Dalit leader a lesson. Ferocious mob sloganeering abuse, promising to strip and kill her. Many of her colleagues were dragged, physically assaulted and made to sign the petition to render the support to Mulayam Singh Yadav. This horror went on for hours.

Reason for assault

This backlash occurred, when few hours before she pulled out support from Mulayam Singh Yadav government, which subsequently lead to the collapse of ministry. She took a decision after meeting her mentor and then BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party) founder Kanshi Ram, who was suffering from brain clot in hospital. In his absence, Mayawati took responsibility of the party and presiding role of junior partner in Mulayam Singh Yadav government. Kanshi Ram on other hand was holding a surprise for her, he asked: “How would you like to the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh?”. He urged and persuaded her on the arrangement he shaped with the support of BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party). Following “Guest House Kand” Mayawati’s was sworn in as “Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh”. Then Prime Minister of India termed this as “a miracle of democracy.”

RSS member and BJP MLA Brahmdutt Dwivedi risked his life to save her

BSP supremo traumatised by ambush was hiding inside the guest house with torn clothes, while police officials present at the spot were trying hard to contain the mob. News spread immediately and touched the ears of RSS worker and prominent BJP MLA from Farukkabad Brahmdutt Dwivedi. Trained as RSS worker in the art of using “Lathi” he rushed fearlessly to save Mayawati against the aggressive and revengeful mob, who were hundred in numbers. Risking life despite being under attack by the mob, he successfully managed to rescue Mayawati from the live nightmare.

Referring Brahmdutt Dwivedi as “Bhai” she often praised him for his valour on many occasion. Mayawati never introduced any candidate against him, rather rallied for him during the election. On February 10, 1997, Brahmdutt Dwivedi was shot by prime accused, Vijay Singh outside his residence. Vijay Singh was the member of Congress, he later contested and won 2007 and 2012 assembly election as Samajwadi Party candidates.

Major Sunil Dwivedi son of slain BJP cabinet minister Brahmdutt Dwivedi, defeated Vijay Singh in 2017 assembly elections in the Farukkabad constituency on BJP ticket. Speaking to TOI in May 2017 when the High Court upheld the life term to accused Vijay Singh in Brahmdutt Dwivedi, he said, BSP chief Mayawati never realized the favour she got from my father when her life was in danger.

He said :

“My father had saved BSP chief Mayawati when she was attacked by Samajwadi Party goons at the state guest house in Lucknow in 1995. Today, she is trying to shake hands with the same party whose legislator killed my father,” “The prospective coming together of SP and BSP is the biggest example of opportunism in the present political set up,”

Dayashankar Singh in 2016 accused Mayawati of selling Dalit Votes, he expressed“She has given tickets to Vijay Singh, who was responsible for the murder of BJP leader Brahma Dutt Dwivedi, who had helped her when she was attacked by SP leaders at the state guesthouse (in 1995).” Singh claimed he was with Dwivedi when he helped Mayawati at the guesthouse. Mayawati, however, had earlier claimed that BJP was spreading false information that its leaders had helped her during the attack.


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