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BJP must take these steps if it is really a pro-Hindu political party of India

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Just a disclaimer first, please do not assume I am anti-BJP while reading this article. I might not be entirely convinced by BJP’s positioning as Hindu party; in fact, I am not convinced by any political party in today’s political ecosystem to be remotely pro-Hindu.

Though I admire Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP for the development and national security moves they have made in past 4 years, I do not see any policy change dedicated towards Hindu dharma. But the fact is, I was much more pro-BJP in 2014 than I am today only because of certain facts I have written below.

There are a couple of reasons for my losing faith in government due to certain laws which are detrimental to Hindus:

  1. There is absolutely no movement on RTE, which is forcing Hindu-run schools to close or vie for minority status while madrasas & convent schools thrive. This is despite private members bill by BJP MP Maheish Girri to amend RTE to include minorities in RTE, which is still not passed. The evil lies in 93rd constitution amendment brought in by UPA-I in 2005 which exempts minority institutions from any interference by the state while giving wide powers to the state to interfere in private or aided Hindu-run schools.
  2. There is no movement to free Hindu temples from brutal HRCE (Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowment) acts across India which is causing temples to become shopping malls, leading temple artifacts to be stolen & temple lands to be encroached freely.

In fact, the current demand of Lingayats and Kodavas for separate religion status is primarily because of these issues that minorities have freedom to run their own temples & schools, which eludes Hindus. There are bound to be more such demands in the future which will weaken Hindu religion even more.

  1. Minority budget is increasing rapidly with abundance of minority scholarships, minority school funding & allocation for minority colleges. I would like to remind BJP that the idea of partition originated from AMU. High number of minority scholarships would encourage conversion out of Hinduism.

In essence, we Hindus are getting battered in a land where Hindus have been brutally killed/ raped/ converted in past 1500 years repeatedly and still it seems we are paying jiziya tax to fund minorities. Our dhimmi attitude will cost us in the long run.

Solutions with BJP for massive consolidation of Hindu votes and mass upsurge in its vote bank in 2019 are many, as given below:

  1. Push for constitutional amendment of articles 25-30 & allow all Indian citizens the freedom to run their own educational and religious institutions with no government interference.
  2. Abolish minority affairs ministry and provide scholarships to all meritorious BPL students without any consideration of caste, community or religion. Abolish the concept of minority schools & colleges. Any religious body has the right to run their own religious schools outside regular schools but basic education has to be provided to all students equally without any minority-majority discrimination. Effectively, we are nationalizing education.
  3. Abolish RTE and focus on improving government schools to provide better education. For poor students wanting to send their kids to private schools, they can be given school vouchers to be compulsory reimbursed by govt within 3 months of the student submitting it else the admission of the student can be forfeited by the school. These vouchers can be used in any private school with no discrimination. Schools can in fact provide 50% of their seats for such students.
  4. Pass bill to abolish all HRCE acts across India & create a department to rejuvenate & maintain temples which includes temples being handed over to local community, murtis protected by the temple management & no temple land to be encroached by any anti-Hindu body. Lot of organizations like India pride project, Reclaim Temples etc. are already working in this direction & can be used in this department with 0 bureaucratic interference. Thus, we are giving back all temples & mutts back to Hindus
  5. Create a department with sant samaj, ayurvedic practitioners & pro-Hindu techies from across India which creates guidelines for yoga to prevent mutilation of yoga like Holy yoga. This department will also work to preserve our ancient scriptures along with ayurvedic formulations to prevent repeated plagiarism by corporates or western countries. This department (with no bureaucratic red tape) will make available all our knowledge digitally to reach Hindus globally with latest technology tools. Also, this will ensure our knowledge is not corrupted & only we have the authority of our heritage globally rather than a Sheldon Pollock or Devdutt patnaik who provide misleading information through their work.

These steps would be revolutionary for long-term dharmic welfare. Also, this will enable government to prove it believes in sabka saath sabka vikas by asking for equality for all. Also, this will enable BJP to show all other parties as anti-Hindu if they can’t support this call for equality for Hindus!

Of course, all these steps need massive course correction by BJP and huge push in parliament, but in the end, it’ll reap the benefits of increased vote bank for PM Modi and revival of dharma.

Hope BJP listens to these legitimate Hindu grouses & prevents breaking up of Hindu communities.

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