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With AAP showing its true colours, time to revisit how Arvind Kejriwal won Delhi

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(this was published in NitiCentral in Feb 2015 after AAP won Delhi)

Language of Development decimated by Grammar of Anarchy

“If we wish to maintain democracy not merely in form, but also in fact, what must we do? The first thing in my judgment we must do is to hold fast to constitutional methods of achieving our social and economic objectives. It means we must abandon the bloody methods of revolution. It means that we must abandon the method of civil disobedience, non-cooperation and Satyagraha. When there was no way left for constitutional methods for achieving economic and social objectives, there was a great deal of justification for unconstitutional methods. But where constitutional methods are open, there can be no justification for these unconstitutional methods. These methods are nothing but the Grammar of Anarchy and the sooner they are abandoned, the better for us.”

That was way back in 1950 during the final session of the constituent assembly.

Fast forward 55 years into 2015 one of the most educated, urban and cosmopolitan state in modern India, Delhi, has just elected Kejriwal, a self proclaimed “Anarchist!” Holy Christ!

Today the Immortal and Prophetic words of our dear Babasaheb Dr B R Ambedkar “. These methods are nothing but the Grammar of Anarchy and the sooner they are abandoned, the better for us.” ring true. In fact they blare like sirens!

Now let us look at the opponent he had. Was it against an extremely corrupt anti democratic single family party which keeps winning polls by dividing the polity? No!

Was it (AAP) against the casteist forces that plunder the Hindi heartlands, working for the betterment of their caste and above all ultimate enrichment of their family members? No!

Was it (AAP) against politicians debarred from contesting elections, who shamelessly continue their rule through wives and daughters? No!

Was it (AAP) against leaders who take immense pride in pushing their states backward? No!

Was it (AAP) against toxically communal politicians who announce cash rewards for the killers of free speech in some foreign country or shamelessly ask their laity to openly support candidates on religious grounds? No!

Kejriwal’s opponent was a development oriented party called BJP who had the legendry female police office Kiran Bedi, the quintessential dream Chief Minister!

Incidentally all the other parties described above were the overt and covert supporters of AAP to various extents. Kejriwal was supported by everything that is politically wrong with the Nation!

The Language of Development defeated soundly by the Grammar of Anarchy.

Now politicians will think twice in fact thrice to speak the language of Development.

Back to the arcane and pestilential concepts of casteism, religious polarization, freebies, lack of development and above all Anarchy!

Positive “can do” spirit dominated the nation ever since Modi government came to power in May 2014. Ministers working late nights to solve problems, the prime mister throwing political wisdom to winds in order to chide his supporters to rein in their urge to kill their daughters, Government becoming super responsive and sensitive to the common man etc. It was truly unbelievable. There was hope all around and thought that India has finally arrived!

In short we had the talk and walk of development from team Modi.

Sadly all the talk had no affect on Delhi and they chose an Anarchist to lead them for next 5 years.

Why should any politician speak the language of development and progress if electorate rewards casteist communal and irresponsible leaders, who take support of anti national elements?

No body thinks that that BJP is full of saints; in fact there are never any saints in politics.

At least BJP headed by PM Modi and their CM candidate Bedi have a vision plan and above all the will to change things for good not just to kick the can down the road.

But alas the honorable electorate had another thing in their mind.

The author wishes Kejriwal the best and sincerely hopes he does well for Delhi. But more appalling than his victory is who was defeated? Sadly it was the Language of development!

Language of Development fell on deaf ears of the electorate and all they could hear was the cacophony of Freebies and toxic communal narrative from the Grammar of Anarchy! Grammar of Anarchy soundly defeats Language of Development!

Should those titans who created the Indian constitution, now sitting in heavens above, laugh at us for royally letting them down or shed painful tears at the sad turn of events in their beloved nation?

No, for a setback is but a part of life and this is politics which is based on extremely fickle voter preferences.

BJP and Team Modi should keep walking on this glorious path of development and progress. They must not bow to the quirks of electoral bumps. The stars need them, our glorified ancestors need them and above all the nation needs them. Team Modi needs to do exactly what they have been doing all together! In fact do it with even more vigor. Development, Development and more Development! Progress, Progress and More Progress!

Keep the war waging!

It is war against freebies, lack of development, communal polarization, divide and rule politics, poverty of soul and mind and above all the idea to keep India divided and poor!

Team Modi has just faced its first genuine setback.

Grammar of Anarchy has won this battle but team Modi please make sure that it’s the Language of Development that wins the War!

Then only will Babasaheb and his team of Titan’s, who drafted the Indian constitution, will be happy way up in the heavens.


This article was published in niticentral in Feb 2015.

Sadly website’s articles were removed when niticentral went belly up. (Thanks Shashi Shekhar ji. I sincerely pray Shashi makes it up for niticentral’s demise by doing justice to Prsara Bharathi and de-toxifyng it)

Many of the points in the article were separately reiterated by the PM… “Development Development and Development.” etc

The article appears mildly prophetic (every right winger predicted it right?) in the sense Kejri was nothing short of Anarchy in Delhi .Anarchy seems to grow day by day in Delhi even in Feb 2018. Sad.

I live in the USA, am Passionate about India. I see hope in Mr Modi’s governance.

I wrote in 2015 as a part of my cover letter to this Article; was appalled when French, Arab and American news media started rooting for the defeat of PM Modi in New Delhi. For Christ’s sake why on earth would foreign forces root against a strong leader? Unless he is doing something right. Hence this article.

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