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Why Indian Media wants justice for rich, criminals and terrorists only?

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Gagan Bhatt
Gagan Bhatt
Sanatan Dharma, Patriot. I write sometimes

Champions of Indian media keep shouting about justice, equality and democracy but only when it suits them. It is said, Action speaks louder than words. Recently, four judges of Indian Supreme Court came out, addressed a press conference regarding a letter which they had submitted to CJI but no action was taken to fix the problem. To rescue our democracy they had to convey their message to people of nation, they said. The above mentioned letter says the CJI was neglecting certain established traditions and conventions which were affecting the functionality of the court and administration too. The letter basically is a complaint about the composition and strength of bench for particular cases. In the letter four judges also told the CJI that CJI is master of Roaster and first among equal and does not have any authority over the other judges of court. If the CJI is only the first among equals, then how can these four claim to be more experienced and balanced is a different story.

After the press conference every media channel took a side tried to achieve their goals in the name of democracy under threat. It is to be noted that this kind of a press conference never happened before and the code of conduct of Supreme Court also suggests that judges are not allowed to talk to Media but the Media didn’t focus on the these core issues because such type of democratization of our Judiciary also puts faith of people in judiciary at risk. But the media was enjoying the moment when Indian Judiciary was in a fuss and being insulted by the Supreme Court judges themselves.

In no time the letter to CJI was dropped and question of probe into Justice Loya’s death was made into the biggest issue of the Day. Panels were decorated, Questions were being asked, and everyone was being shouted at on every news channel. Many days have passed and it is now clear that opposition wanted to use the death of Justice Loya against the ruling party. Pained because of politicization of father’s death son of Justice Loya himself came out and asked media and NGOs not come to him as he knows his father died a natural death. Now the question is this why is media hell bent on politicizing death of Justice Loya, do they really want justice or there is something else.

Justice Brijgopal Harkishan Loya (Ravish Kumar has been talking about it) was a CBI Court judge hearing the case of Sohrabuddin, who was killed in an encounter in Gujarat by police. Congress and other opposition parties and a particular section of our Media is hell bent on proving that Sohrabuddin was killed by Gujarat police in a fake encounter. Notably our Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat at that time and as he was blamed for 2002 Godhra riots even after 15 years, he is still being targeted for Sohrabuddin’s so called fake encounter. Sohrabuddin was accused in 60 different crimes, an AK-47 was recovered from him and he was said to be in contact with Dawood himself but the Media portrays him as some hero who was wrongly killed in battlefield, as they did with Burhan Wani.

Now let’s look at a different case. November 4, 2016 in a small village named Nama of Kumakoleng Panchayat in Bastar, Chattisgarh a 50 year old man Shamnath Baghel was murdered in front of his wife. The man, who was the only hope for the family a father of 3, a patriotic man who loved his country and a man for development of his society protested against Maoist Activities times and again. He was on radar of Urban Naxals since months, he was told many times to keep quiet and not raise his voice again the but he was not scared he wished for better future for the upcoming generations of the people, he chose not to keep quiet. He kept speaking till he was silenced by enemies of the nation.

His wife Vimala filed an FIR against the DU Professor Nandini Sundar, Archana Prasad (JNU Professor), Vineet Tiwari (from Delhi’s Joshi Adhikar Sansthan), Sanjay Parate (Chhattisgarh CPI (Marxist) State Secretary) and others along with Maoists. One of the accused is Nandini Sundar a DU professor, a naxal sympathizer and wife of’s founder Sidharth Vardarajan. As the news came to Delhi it was published in News Papers flashed on News Channels but for once and no update was ever reported about the case except for when Nandini Sundar was given relief from Supreme Court. When Chattisgarh police started acting on the FIR, Nandini Sundar went to Supreme Court submitted a petition for protection in the Court that she was being targeted the by the Chattisgarh Govt., Supreme Court Judge Justice Madan Lokur (One of the Fourt Judges) ordered the Chattisgarh police not to arrest, apprehend or interrogate Nandini Sundar until some material comes to light.

Now my question is this, if our Media is not opportunist and does not serve political masters and if Ravish Kumar is as honest as he claims to be, if Rajdeep Sardesai is really the champion of dissent for justice and so many are if they are what they pretend to be. Then why not ask for justice Shamnath Baghel, for a man who died protecting our national values, who died for democracy, who opposed naxals, why not?

Because it doesn’t suit their Agenda? Because it doesn’t demean BJP? Because it targets the real problem, May be because it will expose their friends or may be because if they speak against real problems the funding will stop and they will have to live a simple, hard working, full of struggle life alike those journalists who speak for truth.

This situation with the fourth most important pillar of democracy is worrying of course but one thing is true and proven. If you want your voice to be heard you need to be a Minority, a Criminal, A Terrorist or Anti –National or you must have the ability to divide the Hindus else you don’t matter, your life doesn’t matter, and your death doesn’t matter. Nobody cares about Justice for you.

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Gagan Bhatt
Gagan Bhatt
Sanatan Dharma, Patriot. I write sometimes
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