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What the government and the BJP can learn from Confucius and the military

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Bharat Das
Bharat Das
Just an ordinary man...

Perhaps there is a reason why the government is not able to tackle many issues at once. Should they focus on Vikaas? Or should they cater to Hindu sentiments and try to preserve and strengthen Dharma? Should they focus on tackling corruption? Or should they work on dealing with terrorism? Take control of the narrative? Or fix the education system?

Clearly, the government is unable to deal with multiple issues simultaneously, which is why it seems to have chosen to focus on a select few.

What do you do when you can’t pay attention to many different things at once?

You keep the main thing (whatever it is for you) the main thing. You focus on the main thing. Once you are satisfied with the progress there, you can make something else the main thing. And then you keep the NEW main thing the main thing and stay focused on that. And so on.

But you don’t let small things become the main thing. That’s a recipe for failure. This seems like a good strategy if you have limited resources.

Confucius said, “If you try to catch two rabbits at once, you will catch none of them.”

So you only try to catch ONE rabbit at a time.

But this is the government we are talking about. Not some individual or some puny little company in the dark alleys of a sleepy little town. The government is supposed to have a huge amount of resources at its disposal.

The government should perhaps observe what the military does in times of combat. In combat, there is one main strategy – fire and motion. You keep firing at the enemy while staying in motion (moving forward).

The firing forces the enemy to keep their heads down and they can’t fire back at you. The motion helps you capture territory and get closer to the enemy so you have a better chance of killing them.

If you are not firing at the enemy, you can be sure that the enemy will be firing at you, forcing YOU to keep your head down. If you are not in motion, the enemy will start closing up on you and decide what happens next. If you fire and move only once in a while, the enemy still gets enough time and ammunition to kill you.

You get the idea. This government only fires and moves once every few months.

It releases a new rabbit only once every few months (demonetisation, GST, etc.). The opposition can easily catch the rabbit, because these rabbits only come one at a time.

Instead, the government should keep firing continuously and stay in motion on multiple fronts. They should keep releasing multiple rabbits at once, again and again, without any break.

The problem is that we don’t have just one enemy.

Poverty is our enemy. Adharma is our enemy. Conversion factories are our enemy. Corruption is our enemy. The L.I.C. gang is our enemy. The media is our enemy (most of it, anyway). And so on. Don’t give the enemy a chance to get up. Ever. Keep firing at them, while keep moving forward and capturing territory. Release so many rabbits at them that they can’t catch any of them.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Focus on destroying the enemy. Focus on winning. Focus on Dharma. Make it the main thing, and everything else will fall in place. Never waver. Keep the main thing the main thing.

Jai Shri Ram! Har Har Mahadev!

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Bharat Das
Bharat Das
Just an ordinary man...
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