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Some of the darker aspects of Indian society

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“I introduced my maid to porn”, announced my friend.

“I showed her how to go to pornhub and click on the videos. There was a bottle of wine kept in the fridge. I gave her that too. This year she will enjoy the New Year’s eve”.

Wow, I thought. But why?

“Her husband had sex with her twice after marriage. She got pregnant and delivered a girl. The husband left her after that and never came back.”

“The maid works, sends her girl to the school. I thought she deserves some fun in life.

The rate of divorce in India is low. But how many women live as divorcees when they deliver a girl child?

How many women are forced to become single mothers because they didn’t deliver a son?

Yes, these are some dark aspects of the society we live in.

But the darker truth is in our hearts. If we find these women enjoying their lives a bit, we judge them as characterless.

Instead of encouraging them to live their lives, we treat them as if they deserve what happened. That somehow we are better than them.

In reality, our hearts are a lot darker. And it is we who make the society dark.

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