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Caste faultlines: The battle is lost but the war is far from over

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Two forces were up against each other, trying to crush and dismantle the other on the battleground of Bhima-koregaon under the influence of external powers. No, I am not talking about the battle of 1818 but about that which happened just a few days ago. I have seen many puff pieces of editorials which were praising the valour of Dalits and some which were related to the historical correctness of the battle. Some mentioned it was the Dalits who won, some considered British as the real victors and some even mentioned that it was India who lost to the “divide and rule policy” of the British. But all of them were missing an important point – “Why now”? From many year the first of January is being celebrated in Bhima-Koregaon but what was different now? The answer to this question is manifold.

First and simple most reason is that the opposition seems to found an “elixir” to all its problems and which is the best proven method to get into the power. This new found “Eureka” moment came during the Gujrat elections. History is rife with many such example where this elixir had been used. The users were Muslim invaders and the British. The panacea is known to us as “divide and rule”.

Divide the regime on the basis of caste faultlines, divide on the basis of religion, divide on the basis of the Aryan migration theory, and destroy the system from within. There is a famous movie quote which seems to apt in case of Indian Scenario “An empire toppled by its enemies can rise again, but one which crumbles from within, is dead forever”. This is why Indian history is full of Jaichands and Mir Jafars. Now that India is on the rise and the Jaichands want to gain power they will use the same “divide and rule” to snatch the throne.

Now according to the AK Anthony panel’s report it was the discontent of Hindus towards congress that cost it in elections of 2014 and UP results once again proved that the community has distanced itself from the congress. Congress knew that it was hard for it to woo the Hindu vote back but it tried it anyway. The temple run by Mr Rahul Gandhi was not as much fruitful for the congress as one would have hoped. But one thing that stood out for the congress was the castle faultline strategy.

Congress kept its Muslim vote bank intact and found a new method to divide the Hindu votes. Hence this “Dalit vs Brahman” war was orchestrated. The “Lal Salam” gang and its poster boy Jignesh Mevani along with his comrade Umar Khalid, who allegedly raised Anti-India slogans in JNU campus in January 2016 were there on the stage at Bhima-Korgaon with the mother of Rohith Vemulla. There Jignesh Mevani under the disguise of Dalit identity propagated the “divide India” propaganda via his hate speech and then soon enough the situation was out of control.

Here is his hate speech:

The Congress and the communist were waiting for this to happen and cash the “opportunity”. Mr Gandhi who is vacationing in Goa tweeted about the incident and blamed BJP/RSS for oppressing the voice of Dalits.

Comrade Sitaram Yechury also expressed his “concern” over the matter and blamed it on the BJP. Unfortunately Mr Sitaram Yechury is yet to make a statement on the murder of a Dalit BJP worker Amulya Malakar who was hacked to death by communist goons.

Not just Congress and the communists but all other political parties used this golden “opportunity” and made this a Brahman vs Dalit incidence. Some even blamed RSS for it.

And to give it a final touch, the lutyens media lead the narrative.

The biggest  loser was the BJP’s state government lead by Mr Devender Fadnavis. It acted like a dumb spectator and took actions when it was too late. Many vehicles including government buses were set on fire and the incendiaries are still not behind the bars. A guy lost his life just because he was wearing a T-shirt with Shivaji’s picture on it. His soul still awaits justice.

The state government knew that Jignesh Mevani and Umar Khalid were coming to the event and that there was a high probability of polarizing the event via hate speech but it did next to nothing and let the State be burned and captured by the goons. Mr Fadnavis and BJP should have learned a lesson from the incidences of Gujarat and Haryana. This complete law and order failure is solely due to the apathy of State government.

Now, the opposition has won the battle of “Dalit vs Brahman” narrative but this war is far from over till 2019. It is high time BJP understood its mistakes and failure. Because the war with the “Azadi” gang has just started.

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