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The Rasagola Project

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Dr. Anita Sabat promotes Odisha Handlooms & Handicrafts as Director of a start-up. A self-appointed brand-ambassador of Odisha & India, she blogs about whatever catches her fancy at Her blog's name -'The Explorer Of Miracles' reflects her outlook towards life. .

Do you know that Mahabalipuram Stone Sculpture earned the GI (Geographical Indications) tag on Children’s Day this year?

Yes, on the same day when Banglar Rasogolla earned the GI tag!

One of the newspapers of India had found this news important enough to be reported on 14th November 2017. A few others reported the same news the next day.

Sweet Fake News On Children’s Day

But, in stark contrast, on 14th November 2017, most news channels and media-houses focused on the news that West Bengal had won the GI tag for ‘ROSOGOLLA/RASGULLA’!

Why the special status and attention to Rasagola?

All of them reported that Bengal has won the Rosogolla war against Odisha. Most of them spread misleading & fake news. From the news-reports, netizens and viewers inferred that ‘Odisha has lost’ and ‘Odisha’s claim for Rosogolla has been rejected’ by the authorities of the GI Registry.

How Odisha’s claim has been rejected when the state has NOT submitted her application towards GI tag for Rasagola? But, the readers and viewers were given incorrect Gyaan:

Finally a decision, Rosogolla belongs to Bengal, not Odisha

Bengal’s Gain Is Not Odisha’s Loss

The next day, some papers reported that GI authorities had stated that Odisha can also apply for a tag. Though some papers presented updated news, yet some information was wrong or kept hidden.

Note- Pahala Rasagola is not the only variety of Rasagola available in Odisha and it’s not just brown, as it is available in off-white colour too!

Plus, as per the GI authorities, despite the Banglar Rasogolla GI tag, the Rasagola origin debate is yet to be settled.

Chill! Rasagola belongs to India & to the mouth & stomach!

When anyone tries to question the incorrect news-reporting and stresses on the uncomfortable truth, conflict-managers and peace-lovers step in to dissipate tensions and to spread cheer saying there’s no reason for a war!

“Rasagola tastes as good in all the states!”

“Rasagola doesn’t belong to any state, it’s an Indian sweet!”

“Rasagola belongs only to the mouth & stomach!”

Why the special status and attention to Rasagola?

If GI wasn’t important, hundreds of applications wouldn’t have been submitted for GI registration by the states so far.

Subsequent to West Bengal’s products including Banglar Rasogolla, a number of products from Bihar and Rajasthan have also earned the GI tag.

Loopholes in the Banglar Rasogolla Application

There are some loopholes in the GI Application that Odisha can challenge.

The Rasagola Project

As per some news-reports, there seems to be no intention to challenge the Banglar Rasogolla GI tag. Can a project ensure that the truth comes to light?

#RasagolaProject ??!*#!??

Why another hashtag and post on Rasagola again?
Hasn’t the ‘King of Sweets’ gifted enough gain & pain?

Gain for West Bengal that has earned the GI* tag!
While Odisha’s strange inaction has made her lag…

West Bengal submitted the required papers promptly to stake claim,
Odisha dilly-dallies, the public is wondering whom to blame!

In spite of boasting of a centuries-old culinary & cultural connection,
Fact is- Odisha is yet to file her Rasagola GI Application!

Did you know that Mahabalipuram Stone Sculpture earned the GI tag too?
On the same date as Banglar Rasogolla did this year; yet we have no clue!

All media-houses celebrated Bengal’s’ sweet Rosogolla victory in an instant!
Rasagola was credited to Bengal via text, images & videos bombardment!

Misleading & fake news courtesy news-agencies & media-channels-
Hidden facts; biased opinions; blind copy; as trending news sells!

Not a second to lose as they raced to be the first with ‘Breaking News’!
Controversy promoted to ensure TRPs, number of readers & page-views!

Some say/ask- “Why the ‘silly’ fight & attack for just a sweet & a GI tag?!”
“Focus on better things”; “No other achievement/product to brag?”

“Some people are so jobless!”; “Why two states are feuding over a sweet?”
“Not your job”; “Why bother?”; “Rasgulla belongs to all; it’s an Indian treat!”

Like me you too must have spent time trying to understand the situation;
Participated in #RasagolaDibasa celebration; Rasagola is your passion;

Read news-articles, books, editorials, blogs, posts, tweets & research-papers;
Spoken to writers, officers, ministers, sweet-makers & stakeholders…;

Are you a legal expert or know someone who understands GI & IP^ laws? Do you have opinions about what Odisha/ India should do now for this cause? Written a blog or shared posts, pics & research that you want all to see?

Please share the links with the hashtag #RasagolaProject with all & me.

#RasagolaProject is a sincere attempt to share-

Facts about Rasagolas & the sweet-affair-

Rasagola Info, News, Views, Research, History,
Tradition, Culture, Ratha Jatra, GI, mystery!

Using #RasagolaProject to communicate,
Let’s learn, comment, act & investigate!

#RasagolaProject endeavours to present the unknown side of the story,
Few media-houses have shown interest to cover Odisha’s Rasagola glory.

If you have a say, do step in & share your Rasagola experience & expertise.
Else wrong notions’ll flourish viz. ‘Portuguese taught us Chhena (Cheese)’!

#RasagolaProject is to be adopted & implemented before it’s too late,
Rasagola has served multiple lessons on India & the world’s plate…

#RasagolaProject is not just about states/sweet; it has many dimensions.
Choice is ours- Are we open to face the consequences or to impact decisions?

We aren’t aware of rules; strict international laws will impact our nation.
Online petition? Which other products must be considered for GI Application?

Please share your views, engage in the conversation & impact the decision,
Using #RasagolaProject let’s share information & encourage communication.

Together we can reach the decision-makers & ensure efficiency & action.
Our #RasagolaProject posts can inform, expose, guide & give direction.

Let’s unite to bring all the key stakeholders on the same platform soon,
Everyone’s participation, involvement & efforts can prove to be a boon.

*GI- Geographical Indications

^IP- Intellectual Property

Ever wondered- “Why the special status and attention to Rasagola?”

Shouldn’t the misleading posts and videos with incorrect information be reported & removed?

Do you feel awarding the Banglar Rasogolla GI tag will have implications for the future?

What should Odisha do now? How can we ensure protection of regional & national products?

Please share your views with #RasagolaProject.

I will be writing some more posts about #RasagolaProject.

I will quote and share the interesting #RasagolaProject views in my posts.

If you wish to provide your services, be more involved or share your knowledge/expertise in this GI case, please use the hashtag #RasagolaProject and join in.

Do tag/connect with me- @anitaexplorer on Twitter/FB/Instagram.

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Dr. Anita Sabat promotes Odisha Handlooms & Handicrafts as Director of a start-up. A self-appointed brand-ambassador of Odisha & India, she blogs about whatever catches her fancy at Her blog's name -'The Explorer Of Miracles' reflects her outlook towards life. .

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