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Just an indicative list of abuses that Narendra Modi had to face from opposition leaders

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Senior Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar who had called Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a “Chaiwala” ahead of 2014 Lok Sabha Elections, took the political discourse further low by calling PM Modi “Neech Insan”  accusing him of playing dirty politics.

In an apparent move to contain the possible damage, barely two days ahead of crucial Gujarat Elections, Congress announced disciplinary action against Aiyar and suspended him from the party. A rattled Rahul Gandhi took to twitter and instructed Aiyar to render apology. But all this appears a sham to minimize any possible damage his comment may have caused in Gujarat Elections.

This is not the first time Congress leaders have used derogatory words for Prime Minister Modi. If the Congress is really sincere about the apology and are serious about cracking down on their partymen who use abusive language then they must begin with the family first. The exact same word has also been used earlier by Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra, Rahul’s family members. Then perhaps they should earn a suspension too. Who can forget Sonia Gandhi’s inappropriate remark “Maut Ka Saudagar ” or ” Zeher ki kheti ” for Narendra Modi  in her election speech in previous Gujarat Election. During 2014 Loksabha  Election, Priyanka Gandhi had accused Narendra Modi of indulging in “Neech Rajniti “.

However, This is not an isolated case of an unacceptable attack on our PM.  Let us see what other colourful terms Congress members have used for PM Modi.

Congress Yuva Magazine Mocks Prime Minister Modi With Chaiwala Meme, Deletes After Uproar (Nov 2017)

Indian Youth Congress’s online magazine, took a crass jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s English-speaking skills.

The magazine, on its Twitter handle, put out a picture of PM Modi in conversation with US President Donald Trump and UK Prime Minister Theresa May. In the picture, the PM can be seen asking them if they are aware about the various ‘memes’ that have been put out by the opposition against him.

The PM is then corrected and informed about the correct pronunciation of ‘memes’, and also advised that he is better off ‘selling tea’.

Congress’s Manish Tewari makes abusive remarks against PM Modi (September 2017)

Congress leader Manish Tewari  triggered a row with a twitter post using abusive language against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In his post, Tewari wrote “Is Se Khate Hain Ch**iyon Ko Bhakt Bana Na or Bhakton Ko Permanent Ch**iya Bana Na -Jai Ho. Even Mahatma cannot teach MODI Deshbhakti.”.

Digvijaya Singh tweeted derogatory meme on PM Narendra Modi (Sep 2017)

Singh had tweeted a meme of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that said: “My two achievements – Made ch**iyas of bhakts, made bhakts out of ch**iyas” in Hindi.

Congress leader Anand Sharma’s remarks against Modi (June 2015)

“I do not think Narendra Modi’s state of mind is healthy. It is a cause of concern for India,” the Congress deputy leader in Rajya Sabha went on to say.

 Congress leader compares Narendra Modi with Adolf Hitler (Nov 2016)

Slamming the government over abruptly banning Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes Congress leader Tiwari said,”Kisi shabya desh ne yeh nahi kia; jisne kiye hain unke naam itihas mein hai, pehla Gaddafi, doosra, Mussolini, Hitler & chautha hai PM Modi.”

Rahul Accuses PM of ‘Khoon Ki Dalaali'(Oct 2016)

Rahul Gandhi has accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of doing “Khoon ki dalali” with the blood of soldiers

‘Yamraj’ to ‘stupid PM (May 2016)

Rashid Alvi told HRD minister Smriti Irani at an event that in Google search Narendra Modi is the “most stupid PM in the world.”

In 2013, Alvi, at a press conference in party headquarters, had slammed Modi as “Yamraaj”—the God of death, invoking sharp reactions.

‘Chop Narendra Modi into Pieces’ (March 2014)

Imran Masood, a Congress candidate for Saharanpur, had stirred up a major controversy by threatening to “chop Narendra Modi into pieces” during a rally speech.

Zeher Ki Kheti (2014)

This comment was made by Sonia Gandhi. Speaking at a public rally in northern Kanataka, the UPA chairperson accused Narendra Modi of indulging in “Zeher Ki Kheti” (Sowing seeds of poison).

Maut Ka Saudagar (2007)

Sonia Gandhi’s remark, wherein she referred to Modi as “Maut Ka Saudagar” (merchant of death) in the Gujarat assembly elections in 2007.

Mani Shankar Aiyar slammed Modi, called him snake (March 2013)

Digvijaya Singh compared Modi to demon king Ravan (June 2012)

Congress leader Digvijaya Singh likened Narendra Modi to demon king Ravan.

“If you see Ravan, he had also a good track record of development, he had made (Sri) Lanka of gold. But what end he met with lot of pride and ego everybody knows,” Digvijaya Singh said on a question of Modi being projected as ‘Vikas Purush’.

Modi Lahu purush, paani purush, Ravan, Asatya ka saudagar:Manishankar Aiyar in Gujarat (Nov 2012)

Congress leader Manishankar Aiyar while addressing a Congress rally in Jamnagar said, “Yeh Narendra Modi lahu purush hai, loh purush nahi.”

In Porbandar rally, Manishankar Aiyar said Narendra Modi is Ravan and ‘Asatya ka saudagar.’

Manish Tiwari’s Dawood Ibrahim remark (March 2012)

In March 2012 then Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari compared Modi with Dawood Ibrahim.

Arjun Modhwadia – Failed husband (Nov 2012)

Gujarat Congress President Arjun Modhwadia in his election campaign speech in November 2012 started speaking about Modi’s personal life in election rallies. He raised questions on Modi’s marriage life in bad taste.

Badtamiz, Nalayak, who is his father? Mother? (2009)

In 2009 Lok Sabha campaign rally, Congress leader Rizwan Usmani described Modi as Badtamiz, Nalayak and asked who is Modi’s father? Who is his mother?

 Monkey, victim of rabies (Oct 2012)

Gujarat Congress President Arjun Modhwadia compared Narendra Modi with monkey in his election rally speech in October 2012. Modhwadia also said that Modi is infected with rabies.

Gujarat Congress MP makes casteist remark against Narendra Modi (Nov 2012)

Congress MP from Surendranagar, Soma Ganda Patel crossed all limits of decency by making casteist remark referring to Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

Soma Ganda in his speech called Modi a Ghanchi, in bad taste.

Hitler and Pol Pot (June 2013)

Congress Rajya Sabha MP from Goa Shantaram Naik on 7 June, 2013 compared Narendra Modi with Pol Pot and Hitler.

A Virus (June 2013)

On same day 7 June, 2013 Congress party leader Renuka Chaudhary described Narendra Modi as a Virus called ‘NaMo-nitis’ which is like pneumonia.

Monkey (June 2013)

On 8 June, 2013 Union Minister for External Affairs Salman Khurshid today compared Modi with monkey. He said Modi pulls crowds as people come to watch a monkey perform.

Bhasmasur (June 2013)

On 13 June, 2013 Union cabinet minister and senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh said Modi is Bhasmasur.

 Mad dog (July 2013)

Union Minister Beni Prasad Verma on 14 July 2013 called Narendra Modi a mad dog.

Gangu Teli (2013)

Union Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad on 17 August told Narendra Modi a ‘Gangu Teli.’ Azad’s this remark was casteist one, as Modi belongs to Ghanchi community. Nevertheless, not the first casteist attack on Mr. Modi.

Man-eater (Jan 2014)

Union Cabinet Minister and Congress leader Beni Prasad Verma on 11 January 2014 in Uttar Pradesh called Narendra Modi a man eater (aadamkhor).

Mentally retarded Feb 2014)

Gujarat Congress president Arjun Modhwadia on 2nd February 2014 described Narendra Modi as mentally retarded person.

Impotent (Feb 2014)

Union Minister Salman Khurshid on 26 February 2014 called Narendra Modi ‘impotent.’

Aurangzeb (March 2014)

On 29 March 2014, Gujarat Congress president Arjun Modhwadia compared Narendra Modi with cruel Islamic ruler of Mughal period Aurangzeb.

Dictator (March 2014)

Congress partner National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah called Narendra Modi a dictator on 25 March 2014.

Slaughterer (March 2014)

Veteran Kerala CPI(M) leader VS Achuthanandan on 25 March 2014 called Narendra Modi a “slaughterer” on 25 March 2014.

Mad (March 2014)

Congress partner NCP leader Sharad Pawar called Narendra Modi ‘Paagal’ or a mad person on 31st March 2014.


Congress partner Bahujan Samaj Party candidate from Muradabad Haji Yakum Qureshi called Narendra Modi a ‘darindaa’ or barbarian.

Goon (April 2014)

Congress leader Beni Prasad Vertma called Narendra Modi a RSS goon and Rajnath Singh his slave on 2nd April, 2014.

Puppy’s elder brother (April 2014)

Congress partner Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan on 2 April 2014 called Narendra Modi ‘puppy’s elder brother’.

Goat (April 2014)

Congress partner and union Civil Aviation minister Ajit Singh in a rally in Uttar Pradesh called Modi a Bakraa( goat ) on 20 April 2014.

Bleeder (April 2014)

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor called Narendra Modi ‘Bleeder’ on 21 April 2014

Chaiwala Jibe (2014)

Aiyar had managed to put his foot in the mouth ahead of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections when he called Modi a ‘chaiwala’. “I promise you, in the 21st century, Narendra Modi will never become the Prime Minister of the country.


These are the shocking comments made against our PM reflecting how he has been a victim of coordinated attack to humiliate him. The latest jibe just reflects the Congress’ elitist mindset on backward castes, mocking PM’s humble origins. This is one long list of people, the Congress needs to suspend. Will it happen? Never before has the political discourse been so low in Indian politics. Congress will have lot to answer to people of India.

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