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Journey from Thirumangalam to RK Nagar: How democracy changed to money-cracy

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Tamilnadu for 50 years under Dravidian rule, is crying like anything. It was one of the flourished presidency under the British regime was polluted with bribe and Corruption which ruins from peon to Higher officials. Recent Raids in Sasikala & Co, raid in Chief Secretariat office are open examples.

DMK in 1967 came to power with abunch of fake promises, entertained corruption, the tumor has ruined the system everywhere. To divert people from speaking corruption, both DMK and ADMK promised freebies and populous schemes to reelect them. This step had made the treasury into debt ridden and now the state debt have crossed 2.5 lakh crore and it is in critical position where it requires assistance from the center this costs the state from providing funds to key areas such as agriculture, education, health and infrastructure.

Right from Low level party cadre to High command, Dravidian parties are swimming in corruption. Their main aim is to taste power for that they may do anything. They have never addressed the issues of state, the position of Tamilnadu in growth chart is quite pathetic and positioned below the BIMARU states. Mismanagement and agenda of the consecutive Dravidian government have cost the state economy more.

With this devastating misgovernance and mismanagement, Pioneer in Dravidian Politics, DMK have used the formula of “Vote for Money”. It was successfully taste by the then Southern District Organizing Secretary MK Alagiri, S/o M.Karunanidhi (Ex CM of TN & DMK Chief) adopted this formula of cash for votes in Thirumangalam By election held in 2009. AIADMK followed the same formula in Gumudipoondi and Kanchipuram By- elections held subsequently in 2005.

Pioneer in introducing Tirumangalam Formula “Cash for Votes”

National shame and First time in electoral history of India when the general elections of Tanjavur and Aravakuruchi was cancelled in 2016 due to the distribution of money and freebies to voters. The Election commission in its press release stated that:

“The ECI is satisfied that the election process in the two constituencies Aravkurichi (134) and Thanjavur (174), because of inducing electors by candidates and political parties by offering money and other gifts to woo them in their favour, is seriously vitiated and can not be allowed to proceed and ought to be rescinded so that fresh elections may be conducted de novo in these two constituencies when the atmosphere becomes conducive to the holding of free and fair elections after a reasonable lapse of time.”

From Tirumangalam By election, cash for a vote was popular in the all the subsequent by-elections, the results of these elections always favored the ruling party. There was huge expectation of cash distribution in the subsequent general elections, but cash was not provided as expected minimal supply of cash to particular areas were given all over the state. DMK initiated corruption and cash for votes, which was institutionalized by AIADMK. So it is visible that both the Dravidian parties are interested in power than good governance.

Popular Newspaper carries cartoon on cash for votes

After the demise of late CM Jayalalitha, the RK Nagar assembly seat which she hold was vacant and preliminary elections was announced in April 2017 which was a multi cornered contest right from 3 fractions of the AIADMK – DMK- BJP and other tiny parties which want to show their presence. Cash was given widely by OPS, Dinakaran Lead EPS Team, which merged with OPS after a month and of course DMK.

This battle was seen as predominantly between both OPS and Dinakaran Team who want to establish their control over the party.  Based on the evidences of a raid by Income Tax authorities which shows ADMK(Amma) wing’s candidate Dinakaran and other parties which involved in large scale distribution of cash to voters, election commission cancelled the by election.

The by election to the same seat which was held on 21st of December and the result was announced announced on the 25th has also witnessed the distribution of money in large scale by all three major players Ruling AIADMK (Which got its own Two Leaves Symbol of OPS and EPS Faction), DMK and Dinakaran Faction (Supporters of JJ aide Sasikala). The result of this election was shocking not only to the ruling party, but to the whole nation which created a wrong precedence in Indian Election History.

The main defaulter in the RK Nagar election is Election Commission, it was acting like a snail and it didn’t take the complaints which were lodged against cash distribution. A reform in electoral process is the need of the hour. Cash for votes to be curbed in early stages so that rest of India can be saved from this virus.

The election was cancelled once on the basis of cash distribution, what steps have been taken against those candidates who tried  to capitalize votes for money? Again and again they are contesting in the election. Will free and fair elections be conducted in this case? Both Election Commission and Government should look at this matter seriously.

Enforcement Directorate and Income Tax Commission also equally played spoil sport in this RK Nagar election, apart from one or two searches they didn’t act seriously. They should have inquired the source of huge sum of money which is being distributed. What happened to the FIR which was registered against Health Minister Vijaya Bhaskar? Likewise, in many stances ED and IT failed to act and helped to make RK Nagar Election as wrong precedence in the Indian Electoral History.

People of Tamilnadu are also equally corrupt. They sold their votes in favor of Cash. The result of RK Nagar reflects the votes secured by candidates based on the cash which was given. Tamil Nadu people have simply mortgaged their votes for cash. They didn’t mind the corruption that both DMK and ADMK demonstrated for past 50 years. There is no development, no industrial growth, both DMK and ADMK have looted the nook and corner of the state. In spite of that they are voting Dravidian parties.

After the RK Nagar result, people are making fun of BJP, which finished behind NOTA, but they are not discussing about the ill effects of Cash for votes which made Tamilnadu shame. By seeing the result, one thing is clear, people didn’t give decisive mandate, but they sold their mandate that permits winner to do free corruption.

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