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Why do Communists hate India? A detailed analysis

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I will start with clearing one thing: Indian communists are different from Chinese Communists. First, let’s see if they are really Anti-India.

Not In My Name Protests led by Left Party.

1. You all must have heard about these protests which happened in June, this year. It was a protest against hatred and the killing of innocents by the ‘suspected’ cow vigilantes. I don’t know why this all is happening and who is responsible for these attacks. Politics is a very dirty game after all. Whosoever did these lynchings; we Indians condemn it.

These NOTINMYNAME protests were led by communists. Probably, these started with a facebook post of Saba Dewan.

In the picture: [CPI MP D Raja with others taking part in a silent protest “Not in My Name” against the targeted lynching, at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi]
Now, have a look at two more lynchings. I am sure most of you have not heard about the first one.

2. He is Gowhar Ahmed. Radical Islamic Terrorists killed him for being a Nationalist. There was no cow vigilantism involved in his case. But he was a living human being who got killed. But there were no protests.

Two lynchings which attracted no outrage or media attention:

Jammu and Kashmir: BJP youth wing president found dead with throat slit in Shopian

BJP Leader’s Killing Latest Example of Militants’ Violence Against Political Workers in Kashmir

3. A senior police officer, Mohammed Ayub Pandith was lynched by a mob outside Srinagar’s main mosque in June itself.

The above two issues were not considered as lynchings by Liberals and therefore, no protests. Why such hypocrisy?

Reason is simple. Liberal Leftists (includes communists) don’t get Masala in a Muslim mob killing a Muslim because it won’t spread hate. It won’t lead to riots. And if communities don’t hate each other as well as the Government, how will their purpose of dividing the country will get fulfilled?

Killing of any person, belonging to any religion, any caste or any party, is a crime and as Indians, we should condemn every incident against humanity, not just popularize the selected ones.

Life of a Muslim = Life of a Christian = Life of a Hindu

What do you get to learn about Communists from this:

Communists never care about our country. They hate peace and spread hate by presenting one-sided blood boiling stories on the self-proclaimed independent websites like and trending related hashtags on twitter.

Everyone knows late Gauri Lankesh. She was a proud comrade and this is what she used to share! NO Indian would ever do that provided (s)he is not a Communist.

Second proof of Anti-India nature of comrades.

She was unfortunately killed. Again, there were protests and candle marches. Her death will be mourned every year in JNU, that’s for sure. But does anyone know about another journalist who was shot just after two days. His name is Pankaj Mishra. All media channels and their hired pseudo liberal gang were silent.

Journalist shot at in Bihar’s Arwal, one attacker arrested

And the most famous, rather infamous, Afzal Guru JNU episode. Comrades organised protest march against ‘judicial killing of Afzal Guru’.

Support for Naxalite’s Violence.

Will leftists condemn this: Simple plain answer: NO, Never! Rape allegations on Indian Army. Comrades keep on tweeting such things.

I haven’t been to Kashmir but I have some friends from Kashmir. I asked one guy about this and he said “There are a few cases”. A few cases happen everywhere. (I am not justifying, what is wrong is wrong and those who do it should be punished.) But she shouldn’t generalize like this and further spread hate amongst Kashmiris.

On one hand you are exaggerating and on the other you are hiding. Yes, why don’t you show concern for the rapes done by Naxalites.

This party didn’t support India during Indo- China war. They had their slogan- “China’s chairman is our Chairman”, during the Naxalbari uprising years of 1970’s. They made complete chaos in the Parliament when Pokharan Nuclear Missile Tests during Vajpayee regime.

They questioned the surgical strike on Pakistan.

How can anyone think of communists doing anything good for the Nation? Good thing is that, they are getting wiped out from the country. Now except Tripura, Kerala and West Bengal, they are only in Jawaharlal Nehru University and Jadavpur University.

I have provided enough evidences to prove that Communists are anti- India. Like Pakistan spreads false news about India, leftists too do. Leftists incite the Naxalites to kill police, they spread hatred among Kashmiris against Indian Army.

Why do they do this? Why do they hate India?

Maybe because the basic ideas of communism is not in line with nationalistic views. They want complete control of the nation. They are creating chaos, insecurity and stimulating sub national identities. All such things are done to bring down our ethnic, linguistic, religious and nationalistic consciousness. And therefore, increase the feeling of class distinction, which is important for a revolution. They are patiently waiting for the the right time for revolution.

Since, the idea of nationalism is deeply rooted in Indians, they are a bit frustrated now. The fact is that : Communist philosophy has become outdated and cannot be applied to present times. These communist hypocrites are living in the past, while personally themselves observe capitalist life style.

Leftists are such fake liars that sometimes, I doubt these Red Salutes when they start spreading news about lynchings. Since, they don’t care for the country, there is one possibility. I am just saying this (I am not sure):

What if leftists themselves wear orange dresses and kill someone with a cow. And then shout 2–3 slogans, click pics of themselves and then start tweeting and sharing on facebook. It takes 2 minutes to spread news these days. They can do anything.

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