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Transgenders need acceptance in our society

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What thoughts came in your mind when you read the title or whenever you hear the word ‘transgender’? Do you visualize them standing at traffic signals/trains or in other places asking for money and you get uncomfortable with your wife/kids/gf/bf? Yes, might be.

Of course, we belong to a civilized society where their act make you uncomfortable and you find it reasonable to just avoid/ignore. Right?


You might be wondering what the hell is this guy talking about. Let’s start with some practical introspection.

How many of us have seen them sitting next to you or even in campus of your schools/colleges for studies? How many of us have seen them as our colleagues in our office? Where do these people exist in our so-called civilized society?

Does it ring any bell?

Are we really so inhuman/dumb that we just think that they don’t want to study or do job or be a part of our society or is it the other way around? Do they get the opportunity? Now, I am not referring to reservation or something but do we accept them socially?

We have issues when they start removing their clothes while we hesitate to give some money but we are okay or we don’t even care when we see restrooms/bathrooms for male/female and none for them. Have you really seen any restroom for them anywhere in malls/roads/theaters or anywhere? Basically, we are forcing them to be naked and when they do that, it disturbs the image of our society. Hypocrisy!!!

Remember, Maoists/Naxalites (not terrorists) were born when they were sidelined by the society and government and today we are unable to deal with them. Of course, killings can’t be justified when they are given the option to come in the main stream and today it has become more political than fight against oppression but for transgenders, we are doing the same thing.

What are they supposed to do for their living? No studies, no jobs, hardly any place to stay, rare entries in malls/public places… Do they deserve this because they are born this way.

We are at times where people are fighting for LGBT communities, it was highly impossible earlier but today, I think we can think and talk about transgenders.

Don’t hesitate when they ask for money? If you earn well, nothing will happen if you give 10-20 rupees. Well, I am not advocating begging industry and it is completely individual call if you are okay by just passing by them and then giving excuses to your friend about how begging industry is a big problem today. But, at least don’t try to be sarcastic or make fun or show yourself uncomfortable and this is the least, which we can do. Things will change gradually, may be government will do their part but it has to be initiated from within the society, from within us.

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Avid observer, wannabe writer, eccentric, artsy, full of flaws, # Cinema/TV Series/Books/Politics & few more...

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