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Ways of countering the left liberal propaganda

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The left liberal ideology has been dominant in India since its Independence. From education to bureaucracy , from media to legal bodies, from social strata to economic level our country is still suffering from this failed ideology. Rise of Modi & Nationalist power in 2014 surely rattled them but it did not stop them from peddling their lies & carrying forward their vicious propaganda. In fact it united them, strengthened them and intensified their concentrated attack on anything that does not suit their narrative. With 2019 elections on the horizon, they are back with new techniques. Countering them is a must . We can not let go and have a laid back attitude at this crucial juncture. Remember, you give them an inch they will take a mile. There are various ways of countering depending on the type/grade of liberal hypocrite under which one falls or depending on the nature of lies & propaganda being spread.

1. Countering liberal propaganda in the economic field – 

How to do it?

This is one field where fact checking in synchronized manner is required. This is the only way to burst their myths & educate common people about the lies being spread . Make them look immature and unprofessional, which they are. The rebuttal should come quickly after the allegations are spread. When lies are manufactured which could make people believe that a certain government scheme or action can hurt their pockets it does not take long to get them agitated.

Who should do it? 

When mainstream media is hell bent on demonising the government without checking facts and thereby maligning the image of the government and the Prime Minister, the counter should come from the very top level. It should come from a person having deep knowledge about the economy with no confusion and strong conviction.

Say for example lies peddled around demonetization and now against GST. The government should be swift and in fact go ahead and use traditional means of Media to counter the lies. It should not be confined just within the boundaries of Social media. Keep on circulating & countering without getting irked until the lie vanishes. Expose their lack of knowledge and humiliate them because most of the time they have a pretty shallow knowledge of the subject.

2. Countering liberal propaganda in institutions- educational , social & govt: 

How to do it?

Now in this field just presenting facts & debating with numbers is not enough. You have to be unapologetic keeping in mind the fact if they come back to power will they be as forgiving as us? The answer is NO. You have to stamp your authority to weed out the unwanted elements.

Who should do it? 

A) The head of that institution

This is why placing the right man at the helm is important. You need a person at the top who can take quick harsh decisions. Take for example fiascos in JNU & DU. It could have been nipped in the bud if the serpents were recognized and corrective measures were taken before hand. Do not pay heed if the liberal accuses of ‘Bhagwakaran’ of institutions. This is just another trap.

B) But what if the entire institution is a propaganda factory??

Like the ‘social institutions’ that deliberately spread fake news to tarnish the image of India in the outside world. Yes i am talking about famous Institutions such as Amnesty , Greenpeace & Ford Foundations . The darlings of Indian elite liberals .

In this case government should stop being wishy washy & act aggressively. It should have the courage to throw them out of this country & put a stop to their activities. India at this stage will not tolerate such sinister organisations inside India. If any professor is found to indoctrinate students & push them into the zone of Urban Naxalism, he/she should not only be removed from their positions but effort should be made to ban him/her from teaching in any institution & revoke his/her degree. Not only this but through that person we should try to get hold of the whole gang working inside a particular institution.

C ) Strong presence of Nationalist students/workers in that institution who instead of just complaining should take up the cause & fight the battle.

They should form the 1st pillars of resistance to the path of propaganda. They should make people aware outside the institution what plans are nurturing inside the minds of these liberal thugs and unite to take them down intellectually.

3. Countering Liberal propaganda on the political front- countering the shoot &scoot policy : 

Who should do it?

This is where along with top brass common Right wing mass needs to join in & puncture their lies. They can make huge difference in shifting the narrative both in social media & locally by informing people about the lies surrounding him/her. The 2nd part is important. There is a world beyond twitter & whatsapp. Once a lie has been circulated by the spin masters it is carried further by their silent partners in crime.

How to do it?

Take for example the false accusations of Wire on Jay Shah & thereby trying to implicate Amit Shah & tarninsh their reputations. The story had so much loopholes that they it was exposed within 2-3 hrs & Wire story had to be edited.
Here is orginal wire story.

& here is the rebuttal.

after which the Wire quietly edited the article

Wire surely did not expect this to go wrong. It never thought that some ordinary common Right wing personels would take them down within hours & expose their false claims. They were puzzled , rattled & confused. But the fact remains the Wire aricle was circulated in whatsapp, shown by mainstream media & debates were organised around a fake news (not new for the media) completely ignoring the rebuttal. This is where taking a legal path is important. BJP this time was indeed quick to launch an attack & frame defamation charges on wire.

Lets hope at least this time for their own sake they take it to a logical conclusion. (Still remember how they backed out of the NDTV -ban for a day).

I & B ministry plays an important role in this sector & blessed are we that there is a more agressive & an unforgiving stance after Smriti Irani took charge.
Here is one example:

Lets hope Mrs Irani can continue in such a fashion. We need someone who can stand up & take on the Media Agencies for spreading false news.

4. Countering them in the cultural & social sector :

Left liberal intellectuals have their eyes fixed in this one very area. Disrupting the cultural unity, flaming up communal tensions & making us feel low & apologetic about our culture & religion is one of their core focus .

How to do it & who should do it? 

EVERYONE of us who cares about our cultural & aesthetic values. The movement should start from the very bottom & gradually build up. Here I would suggest there should be minimum interference from the government. It should be common man who should act & take responsibility to organize a movement. Take for example the case of Cracker Ban in Delhi . How liberal intellectual machinery finally got their wish fulfilled & were ecstatic seeing us defeated & dejected. But look how people revolted, united & even the ones who showed this interest a year ago took active participation. It was not just tokenism. It was about sending a message. A message that we will not bow down. More effective than govt coming to bail us out. It mobilizes & unites us.

It was a show of our strength. And here people like Tajinder Bagga who supported the cause should be congratulated.

Administration & Govt too has a role – 

The liberals deliberately spread fake news to create a tension. Take for example this tweet by Pallavi Ghosh . It took 12 hrs for the Uttar Pradesh police to reply. By then the news was going viral on social media.

Another one just a day before.

Whether it is misinformation regarding  ‘no muslim dictat’  concerning AYUSH, or be it Rajdeep Sardesai spreading fake news against Yogi Adityanth when he was selected as UP CM, they do it in an organised fashion to demerit that person. This is where youth needs to step in along with online portals to counter their lies.

If false news is circulated about a particular area, youth of that area needs to be active. As a responsible citizen the 1st thing we should do is file police complain against that person. The online rebuttal can form a part of it but again the culprits should not be given a easy passage.

We should frame our arguement depending on the type & the degree of liberal leftism under which the person falls.

Grade 1: In the danger zone of ‘extreme liberalism’- un curable!

The person in this category is actually a regressive totalitarian. These people often do not know much about the issues, especially as far as fact and reality goes. What they do think they know, however, is that Right Wing and conservatives are completely against them and hence they try to bring them down on that particular issue. Fear mongering is their main trait.

How to counter them? 

Don’t even waste your precious time & energy by throwing numbers & facts to them.

Grade 2 : The intellectual zone

Now this one is tricky. All ‘extreme liberalites’ are in the intellectual zone but all intellectuals are not in the ‘extreme liberalite’ zone.
It comprises mainly of :

— College Students, especially those in Ivy League College

— Professors, especially those in Ivy Leagues ,Other teachers

— education administrators, policymakers Journalists and Media personalities

These people also fundamentally believe they are right, and will refuse to argue with anyone who they think is of “less merit” than them; they’re very elitist to a sense, and therefore blindly hold to their ideology despite any arguments thrown at them. It is Ivy League arrogance, journalistic elitism, and whatever else you can name, at its finest.

How to counter them?

Sarcasm. Yes they hate it when you give them back sarcastically in a jovial mocking tone. There must be a tone of humor mixed with your factual rebuttal which should make them feel ‘less important’. That is the main point . They love to be pampered. Bring them down.

Who should do it? 

Again, the common mass. It will irk them more  seeing who these intellectuals consider just low life trolls are able to call out their bluff. They are unable to digest the fact that someone who they consider ‘less intelligent’ can expose them & their propaganda.

Grade 3 : Victims who fall for the liberal Propaganda

Mostly school or college kids .
Working class people who are not in social media.
Elders who still prefer traditional media.

Who should counter them?

Their own family members & relatives.

How to do it?

Sitting down with them & explaining the malicious designs of Liberal propaganda. Make them realize. If a youth is falling for the propaganda it becomes much more important to do so. We surely do not want a generation who grows up to hate our own country & culture. Debate with them & try to neutralize the effect of leftist propaganda.

Understand one simple thing about ‘socialism’ , ‘leftism’, ‘liberalism’ & ‘communism’ or whatever you want to call it: It is nothing more than the lazy society demanding the hard working and industrious be their slaves. They are hypocrites & will go on to vilify you, abuse you & target your personal life in the most foul way to prove their point & when you retort back they will bring forward their ‘victim card’. But do not be bogged down Follow the principle of : ‘ give as good as you get’. There is no point being gentle with them, especially the ones belonging to Grade 1 & 2.

Defensiveness signals weakness, and makes the audience think that the liberal actually is right, which they are not.

‘Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage Rage against the liberal Thugocracy’

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