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Truth of Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj that every Indian should know

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Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj over the last year has created a wave in the online world, with his aggressive video’s and his army lookalike uniform. Shifuji donned combat attires which includes the combat insignia alleged to be a lookalike of the Balidan badge, a stiff (worn around the neck), a plain maroon beret, and a pointed mustache.  An expert in various combat techniques and inventor of MITTI (Soil) Swadeshi Customized System of Situation Reaction Tactics, he has trained multiple divisions of the armed forces, he is one of the most respected trainers today in India. What remains to be known about him is that he has trained Lakhs of Women from Rural India for free through Mission Prahar, an initiative founded by him.

In the last few months, he has been accused of numerous crimes and slammed by anti-nationalist media. Accused for being a fake, donning a military lookalike dress and being abusive towards critics of India’s sovereignty, integrity and its armed forces. Shifuji is subjected to extreme criticism from various quarters of media which is driven by an agenda to disrobe him of the support and patronage of the Indian masses.

Who is Shifuji?

Shifuji was born in the town of Gurdaspur Punjab, spent most of his life in Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab. Born to a Pehalwan and Ustaad of the Kushti Akhara, who retired from the Gun Carriage Factory. His mother was a teacher and worked with the slum dwellers, providing free education to the underprivileged all her life. Living in a joint family predominant with Armed Forces Personnel, his upbringing was done in accords with the military way. A Child Prodigy he was trained in Khusti, Swimming and various other forms of Martial Arts. Born in the lineage of revolutionaries, his great grandfather was part of the legendary “Hindustan Socialist Republican Association” and was known to be involved in the Kakori Train Heist.

Is Shifuji a fraud – Allegations Vs. Reality

He is regularly accused of donning a military dress, along with a maroon beret, Marcos badge and balidan insignia with it, Often addressed as an army officer by his fans and critics alike, his credentials as a freelance trainer to the armed forces have been questioned. Now that the media and a few anti national elements question his patriotism and even have the guts to ask him about his contribution to the nation.


Shifuji has never stated that he is an army officer, nor has he claimed to be recruited or held any post in the armed forces. His followers and critics alike, have attributed him to be an army officer, though he has always maintained that he has served and trained personnel of the Indian armed forces, para-military forces, police as well as enforcement agencies. He has trained many military units in his long career as a freelance trainer, and is instrumental in developing combat and strategic training programs for both the army and state level forces.

What is the issue about fake military uniform?

Shifuji wears clothes like the armed forces, keeps discipline and fitness along with his fashion sense, these are part of his upbringing. He is accused of wearing a maroon beret, donning a Marcos and a Balidan Badge. The beret and the badge are synonymous to ranks and acknowledgement of exemplary service towards the nation. Also, to note that it is not prohibited by any law that a trainer and mentor while conducting a training session cannot wear camouflaged pants. Attire worn by Shifuji is complete out of his choice and discipline.


On further observation, it was pointed out that Shifuji’s maroon beret is designed similar to the ones worn by the elite forces, the beret worn by Shifuji itself bears no marks of the Indian armed forces, Indian special forces or Indian government. Stating further, he is accused of wearing the Balidan Badge, which is awarded to a rare few. It’s not true! Be noted that the badge worn by Shifuji, is a pattern akin to badges of military ranks and combatants in other part of the world, and worn without any restraint. He wears it printed on a camouflage t-shirt which is not at all a print of Indian armed forces nor does it contain any mark of Indian Special Forces. The badge worn by Shifuji alleged to be the MARCOS badge was not worn in complete military attire or for that matter even the jacket worn by Shifuji bore a cutout sticker of legendary freedom fighter Bhagat Singh, which is not a protocol of the Indian Armed Forces.

Aggressive, Abusive or Patriotic

Often people call him abusive and aggressive, but then how can someone like Shifuji who has witnessed his family members laid to eternal rest by our treacherous neighbours contain his anger or for that matter anybody who has lost their loved ones protecting us from foreign aggression do so. In any case, for a staunch nationalist like Shifuji the nation comes before his personal views and opinions.  And for those who question the integrity and working of our army are welcome to preach our hostile neighbours humanity and other virtues, who would still not hesitate to pull the trigger even on their friendly “Pseudo-Liberals” whom the Armed Forces nevertheless protect.

No patriot would ever sit silent and watch when our Jawans are dying at the borders, while our politicians are busy eating samosas, and nor would someone like Shifuji, who is a true patriot at heart.

For the masses who have forgotten the true meaning of Nationalism, Shifuji gives some truly sensible lines which would surely come only from the heart of real Indian and a patriot.

“Watan walo, Watan na bech dena, yeh dharti, yeh gagan na bech dena, shahido ne jaan di hain, watan ke vaaste, shahido ke kafan na bech dena”

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