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RAW & ISI- Fight for dominance

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Writing is a hobby. Interested in politics , Foreign affairs and sports. Tweet your comments to @bobsimhan

‘Research and Analysis Wing’ isn’t a department in a University where a bunch of scrawny unkempt Professors work on a thesis, RAW is India’s equivalent of the likes of CIA & MI5 where a phalanx of well-trained and committed officers strategize and work on gathering information vital to the security of the Nation.

Snoop organisations of all nations deny that they have undercover assets in other countries to spy & and in some cases, subvert. But, people privy to information on such organisations know that it is not true. James Bond and his antics maybe a bit too exaggerated, but toned-down versions of Bond do exist. They may not be romancing beautiful blond’s and driving ‘Aston Martin’ at breakneck speeds in hostile countries, but may well be assimilating critical data about troop mobilisation, weaponisation and preparedness of enemy that could help security forces periodically re-access threat perception of a hostile country.

India is bigger of the two warring siblings, but when it comes to intelligence, Pakistan’s ISI is far bigger than RAW. ISI is powerful, resourceful & dreadfully frightful. It’s like James Bond cast in a negative role- a very dark and negative role would be apt.

ISI isn’t just the eyes and ears of the Pakistani army, it’s also the incisors that the army uses to rip its enemy apart. India, Afghanistan and the Middle East are its theatres of influence, it has also made huge inroads in Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri-Lanka.

For years RAW has had its task cut out. It’s scope was limited to gathering Intel, monitoring the airwaves to pick up enemy chatter and keeping tabs on enemy spies and infiltrators. Critical Intel that helped the security forces to secure India from enemy attack and terrorism.

RAW was denied the teeth to inflict damage on its own, that role remained the sole prerogative of the Armed Forces, it was RAW’s job to provide actionable Intel and leave the rest to the forces.

Recent years clearly indicates a changed strategic thinking vis-à-vis RAW, a role enhancement of sorts is evident, the tight leash that restrained RAW from offensive roles has slackened, RAW can be seen in a new ‘Avatar’- that of a limited combat role without the combat fatigues covertly deployed in hostile countries to infiltrate enemy ranks. In other words- strike and subvert the enemy deep within his territory.

In the few years of its new ‘Avatar’, RAW has notched up a string of successes. Pakistan that used to sing paean of its ISI has now started to raise a hue & cry about RAW and its covert and disruptive activities within Pakistan.

They now blame RAW for the Baloch unrest, terrorism within Pakistan is the handiwork of RAW they claim. RAW is active and meddling in Afghanistan is another allegation. Mohajir incitement is an old gramophone record of theirs, but they keep renewing their claim. So much so that they even claim that Imran Khan’s Osama allegation is at the behest of India. Murmurs about RAW’s hand in Panama papers to defame Nawaz can also be heard in the power circles of Pakistan.

Carte Blanche, Pakistan blames India and the Research and Analysis Wing for all its troubles.

The surgical strikes saw the Army’s elite commandos working in tandem with RAW to strike targets deep within POK and Myanmar underlining the importance of accurate intelligence. RAW and it’s officers remain away from the limelight, relegated to the shadows, but their contribution to the Nations security will always remain in the limelight.

RAWage of the snoops is a clear and present danger to India’s enemies.


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Writing is a hobby. Interested in politics , Foreign affairs and sports. Tweet your comments to @bobsimhan
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