After EPS and OPS merger, there will be UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) in the state: Tamilnadu Government

Chennai. The Tamil Nadu government has announced today that after the merger of the two factions of ruling AIADMK, there will be Uninterrupted Power Supply in the state. People who are kept in dark, will see the light after the merger, an EPS loyalist told the media.

“Listen! Our government’s top most priority is to keep it running! Our CM’s top most priority is to continue as a sitting CM. Everything comes after that. I do not understanding why and what the people are sweating about? We are suffering much more to get any power that can be sustainable and used without much anxiety”, the loyalist told the media.

“It has to be OPS and not EPS. Who has a better resume than our leader for running the state under utter political uncertainties? and also under uncertain ties! We are all OK with the merger provided OPS becomes the chief minister of the state again”, an OPS loyalist issued a statement, not too far away from the EPS camp.

“We cannot operate on suspended power. We have a full-time chief minister. We have a full-time Electricity minister. We don’t have even half the power that we need, for our day to-day consumption. EPS or OPS, we need UPS”, an exasperated Chennai man was seen saying from very close to both the camps.

“The Tamilnadu government is continuously working on the merger. The EPS and OPS factions will be merged soon. We are open to invite any other rival groups. Teams with nicknames like IPS or APS are welcome to join the mega merger. We have only one condition, the faction’s name has to start with a vowel and end with PS”, the government’s spokesperson released an official statement, on the power struggle that is prevalent in Chennai.

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