Power drunk and arrogant Azam Khan threatens bureaucrat

A senior minister in the earlier Akhilesh Yadav government, Mr Khan is no stranger to controversy. Three years ago, his lost buffaloes had given sleepless nights to the state police. Three policemen were suspended for “dereliction of duty” for failing to trace the lost buffaloes.

Last year, his comment dubbing the appalling gang-rape of a woman and her teenage daughter in Bulandshahr as an “opposition conspiracy” had drawn the wrath of activists and the civil society. He was recently criticised for comparing Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Ravana during campaigning for the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections.

This Samajwadi Party leader has courted yet another controversy as this video showing him threatening a bureaucrat emerged.

On the day of counting, while his party got routed by the BJP, Mr Khan had won- one of the 47 Samajwadi Party leaders to do so. Azam Khan was on his way to collect his election victory certificate when his car was stopped from entering the Rampur Mandi and he had to walk through the muddy stretch. Irked by being stopped and made to walk, Khan pulled up the Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Rampur who had just gone by the rules and had not allowed the minister’s car into the counting centre.

The infuriated leader lashed out at the sub-divisional magistrate, reminding him that his government was still in power, he was still a minister and he would stay a minister even after the moral code of conduct was repealed. He was caught on camera openly threatening the bureaucrat multiple times.

He even adds, “Did Modiji ask you to bring me through this slush? The government is still ours and I am still a minister. I will continue to be the minister till the new government is formed and I can get you transferred out of here if I want to?”

Interestingly, Azam Khan has been a member of the legislative assembly for nine terms from that very constituency.

It seems that Samajwadi Party leaders have not yet learned any lessons from their party’s humiliating defeat in the recently concluded assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh and they continue misbehave with people in their arrogance whenever resisted.

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