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My name is Reza Aslan and I will show you Hinduism in CNN style

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My name is Reza Aslan , a renowned expert on world religions. In this season of Believers, I will present you my experience with Hinduism.
I will go to Banaras and hire a guide who will not take me to the guru who inspired Steve Jobs or the temple visited by Mark Zuckerberg .
That guide might ask me to see the ghat where Japanese PM did Ganga aarti but I will politely refuse to go there. Indeed I will ask him to to take me to the the ghat which is not maintained properly for various reason. I will show that ghat and shamelessly call most diverse and ancient city of the world as City of dead.
Hello my dear Liberal millennials . my Name is Reza Aslan and although I pronounce Ganga as “Ganjees” but I will be quick enough to call “Ganjees” a Sewage and you will never ever dare to question my credentials because I work for CNN.
Hello dear world If you are still there with me , My name is Reza Aslan and I am showing you Hinduism. I can not show symbols of Hindu society which believes in Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam and celebration of diversity, because I want to sensationalize this show.
So I will ask my guide to take me to the guru about whom a normal Hindu hasn’t even heard about. My guide will tell me all crazy stuff about that Aghori guru but I will still go there in Bear gryll style and do all nasty stuffs in the name of following Hinduism.
My guide had warned me about Aghori and said that not even Hindus go to such sadhus but I will go there to get TRPs good enough to boost my new series called as “Believers”
Hello you believers , I am Reza Aslan from CNN and I took a vow in front of Indiana Jones to make its remake where Hindus will be shown eating Brain in a skull.
Yes My Name is Reza Aslan and I will do my best to tarnish all the good image Hinduism has earned for its spiritual and Yogic teachings, yet no one will rise to stop me because you are “Idle” Hindus.
So Keep watching, you “Idle” worshiper Hindus !

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