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London terror attack and the big elephant in the room

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Our deepest condolences to the victims of the dastardly and savage terrorist attack on innocent Londoners. As an Indian and a citizen of a nation that has been a victim of terrorism, it’s easy relating to the pain & horror that Londoners are going through.

Yes India does unflinchingly stand with UK today.

But the question is, will UK & EU actually wake up at least now to an existential threat that has festered and thrived like a cancer in every part of it? Without beating around the bush, let’s come to the Big Elephant in the room. Islāmic Extremism.

The West has to collectively acknowledge the threat of Islāmic fundamentalism and the scale of its infiltration through the intellectual defenses of European societies. Without honestly first acknowledging this fact, there is no diagnosis and hence no possibility of a holistic treatment.

The former PM of UK, Tony Blair had in the past publicly accepted in an interview on an Indian news channel that he had made a grave mistake by refusing to look through the lenses of India on the threat of terrorism. Leader of a free democratic nation that fought off the Nazi devils refusing to see the writing on the wall, shows how endemic the problem is in Europe.

Sun Tzu says, battles are either won or lost even before they are fought. Our minds are the true battle fields. Once you have lost in your mind by failing to even rightly find the threats and in result afflicted with a paralyzing inability to do a SWOT analysis, the battle is already lost. It’s just a formality for one to walk the field and be routed. Europe now possesses at this juncture, the mindset of a loser. The state it finds itself today in, is only logical.

After all, India has been one of the leading victims of terrorism for a while. In fact, we can go a step further and say that India has been a victim of Islāmic extremism for over a 1000 years. Waves of invasions by the Islāmic hordes sweeping down from Central Asia from time to time in the name of a ‘Holy Jihad’ to only plunder and rape a peaceful and thriving civilization. It is a fact whether one likes it or not. Anyone who denies this is either ignorant or fatally disingenuous.

All those Indians who have opened their eyes to the real history know what happened after. For those who haven’t yet detoxified themselves of the fake history peddled by the Left for decades; that tragic chapter of India’s history is usually an era of romantic secular saga that the likes of Gowarikers and Bhansalis would want us to believe with their colorful magnum opus. Wherein the tyrants and despots who ravaged this nation, are purposely depicted as secular, loving and benevolent invaders who supposedly lifted this ancient nation from the gutters of incivility.

We no longer have the luxury of political correctness and neither can we afford to gently dance in the straight jackets of secularism imposed on us by the Leftists. The Left has a suicidal tendency in them which doesn’t let them see that oncoming threat around the corner. If anything the history has shown that, these useful idiots are the first ones pulled to the chopping block when their purpose has been served.

Even after ISIS openly claiming to have infiltrated it via the refugee route, the Europeans are clueless that they are romping in the bed with hardcore Islamists who are hell-bent upon slowly but gradually taking over its societies bit by bit. Thanks to the intellectual domination of the Left and the resulting grand narrative on the beautiful virtues of multiculturalism, most of Europe keeps foolishly ignoring the red flags that keep popping up at an alarming rate.

The novelist Boualem Sansel in his book, “2084: The End Of The World” foresees a universal caliphate becoming a grim reality in a short span of the next two generations. If you think it’s a stretch of imagination, then think hard my friend. People had laughed at George Orwell’s ominous classic,”1984″ when it came out. And today we can say that it pretty much nailed it. The fear of a universal caliphate becoming a reality is neither unsubstantiated nor something we can’t predict. It becomes clear when we objectively study the historical patterns combined with our snapshot of the current state of the disturbing events across the world.

They are neither random nor isolated. It is an advanced, determined cultural & ideological war machine that the world faces. And the sad part is, Europe has seen it before.

Europe has to come up with a pragmatic yet sensible plan to tackle this threat sooner than later before it gets steamrolled. It is standing at the same point that it was standing in 1529 prior to the Siege of Vienna, when it faced the mighty Ottoman empire. A expansionist empire driven by it’s religious ideology was hell-bent on knocking down the last of the gates that stood between itself & a total domination of Europe. Europe then fended off an existential threat by fronting a smaller yet strong united defense. Can it now again?

Will it & how it will rise to this threat is the golden question? Especially when scums like Anjem Choudarys and Zakir Naiks rampantly abuse (and then gloat) their freedom of speech which Democracies & Free Republics bestow upon them.

Let them not be fooled by solutions like this one peddled by the romantic Left. One can hear them offer this (coupled with even more secularism) as the only silver bullet solution to tackle a threat of such gigantic proportions. This is not just about education, rather also about civilizational & cultural ideologies. We live in a world which has one of the highest literacy levels when compared to what it was a 100 years before. With the explosion of Internet this is only growing exponentially. But strangely the same world is also experiencing one of the highest levels of terrorist attacks and violence across the globe. If education was the solution like the morally bankrupt Left wants us to believe, then how can one explain this contradicting evidence that is in front of our eyes?

Part of the solution is first to purge all the intellectually bankrupt theories by the Left that have a stranglehold on the narrative around the all important subject of terrorism in the public domain. Most importantly Universities have turned into breeding grounds of such bankrupt theories, identity politics and dangerous ideologies. They are no longer the temples of learning, rather they have become convenient platform for very nefarious powers to pass their ideologies and condition the young minds to their agenda. The rigid enforcement of political correctness around any sort of discussion on Islāmic fundamentalism and limits on critiquing it on most campuses is one of the indicators of this rot that has set in. And then going out-of-the-way to refuse any such benefits to others. Without tackling this rot of Islāmic Apologists, the war against terror is only going on a bridge to nowhere.

Let’s only pray and hope that not only Europe, but rest of the World too wakes up before it’s too late.

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