Engineering student to celebrate valentines day with the poster of his favorite actress

A Mechanical Engineering student of Aaya Ram Gaya Ram Institute of Technology was eagerly looking forward to celebrate a romantic Valentines day with the poster of his favorite actress. The boy has been in a relationship with the poster of the actress (a well known Bollywood diva) since he was a young teenager.

We spoke with the boy near the college pond as his hostel room was reported to have highly radioactive and hazardous materials, “You see being Valentines day today, I have decided to provide her with a magical experience. I have taken a bath, shaved, changed my shirt for the 1st time this year to give her a huge surprise. I just hope she doesn’t fail to recognise me. Also this evening I am going to treat her to a romantic candlelight dinner in our mess which is aided by the fact that there’s no electricity at night in our hostel. I need to be a bit careful though as on the last Valentines day the candle accidentally fell on her resulting in severe 3rd degree burns. Plus instead of my usual dinner of Desi Daaru and Chakna, I have arranged for Red Wine and pistachios. I have tried to make this Valentines day even more special for her as few days ago she caught me starting at a poster of Scarlett Johansson and has accused me of cheating on her, hope she forgives me now. Plus as an added surprise I have decided to gift her a branded photo frame, the same one which is used by Sharma ji to frame all of his kid’s achievements. In order to pay for the frame I would now have to smoke beedies for a couple of months but if she’s happy I am happy.”

The boy in order to celebrate Valentines day would also be skipping the annual Bhajan and Jagaran program organised by his hostel mates.

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