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Drought hit Beed to be ornamented by chain of National Highways

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Beed : Golden Web Of National Highways

We are the citizens of 21st century wherein we aspire to be a superpower by 2020, under the leadership of ambitious PM Narendra Modi. We talk about Digital India, smart cities, startup India, globalization, bilateral relations, advancement in medicines and lot more. Aforementioned things are quite necessary to pace up with rest of the world. But where do we stand w.r.t. infrastructure? Here’s what World Bank has to say about our infrastructure in a 2005 report.

The country’s infrastructure needs are massive. One in three rural people lack access to an all-weather road, and only one in five national highways is four-lane. Ports and airports have inadequate capacity, and trains move very slowly. An estimated 300 million people are not connected to the national electrical grid, and those who face frequent disruptions. And, the manufacturing sector–vital for job creation–remains small and underdeveloped.

Roads are one of the important dimensions of the infrastructure of any country. After independence our priorities were to be self-reliant in agriculture and related industries to strengthen basement of newly formed country.

It was not until Atal Bihari Vajpayee led government took most ambitious road network program since independence. “PradhanMantri Gramsadak Yojana”, which connected most of the villages. Simultaneously, in December 2000, the Government of India approved Phase I of the National Highway Development Program (NHDP) The Golden Quadrangle; which was the precursor of future of highways.

Specifically talking about Maharashtra state Nitin Gadkari in his tenure as PWD minister in Shivsena-BJP led state government under Dy CM Gopinath Munde, worked extensively towards the infrastructure of the state that is why he was obvious choice for union road transport minister and he has proved his abilities and vision.

Marathwada region in Maharashtra has suffered with bunch of political and natural calamities. Especially Beed-Latur- Osmanabad are drought hit areas. Beed was the constituency of late Sr. BJP leader and ex Dy CM of state Shree Gopinathrao Munde. To elevate the life of the residents, he in Vajpayee government sanctioned 2 National Highways and long awaited Ahmadnagar-Beed-Parali rail route for Beed. But which due to lack of funds and unwillingness of later governments couldn’t be completed in his days. This region went into a shock after his sad demise. The long awaited dream of development looked like to remain unfulfilled after death of region’s tallest leader at his tallest political height.

His will is set to be fulfilled by his capable daughter duo, MLA and State Minister Pankaja and MP Pritam. After their continuous efforts to get funds sanctioned by PM Narendra Modi. Within 2 years of Modi Government, five new national highways are going through and across the district. The funds are whooping 2000 crores for road and for rail its 2400crores. The two older incomplete National Highways are being completed on high priority. Special company is set by state and central government to complete the A.Nagar-Beed Railway project before 2019 as promised by Mr. Modi in his rally, remembering his brother late Gopinath Munde.

New routs sanctioned:

Chakur-Ahemdpur-Ambejogai-Manjarsumba-Jamkhed-Chakan (Pune)
Majalgao-Dharur-Kaij-Kallam-Pandharpur (Pilgrimage)
Near about all State Highways of the districts are being upgraded to National Highways.

This is one of the visionary steps towards solving major problems of Marathwada region. This web of National Highways lifeline is going to be a boon in various ways. This area is known for sugarcane cutters and farmers. Road transport system is going to establish an easy connection between farmers and the merchants. Major markets like Aurangabad and Mumbai have neared to farmers especially for perishable items like Fish, vegetables etc.

Transport helps in increase in the demand for goods. Through transport newer customers in newer places can be easily contacted and products can be introduced to them. Transport helps in stabilization of price. Transport exerts considerable influence upon the stabilization of the prices of several commodities by moving commodities from surplus to deficit areas. Transport increases mobility of labor and capital. It makes people of one place migrate to other places in search of jobs.

Road transport is of particular advantage to the farmers. Good roads help the farmers to move their products, particularly the perishable products; like vegetables, quickly to the towns. This area is also famous for its quality custards which can now be transported easily and the big markets. This is going to create the hub for cereals, pulses, custards, vegetable, cotton and even poultry business. Industries from Ahemadnagar may expand towards Ashti, Patoda in later stages which will create huge employment opportunities to name a few.

This is huge leap towards making Marathwada Self-reliant without giving away any free packages like largesse. This government has again proved to be comprehensive and development oriented which is working hard to ease the life of masses.

MP Dr. Pritam Munde with valuable guidance from her sister State Minister Pankaja Munde has proved that she is determined to follow the footprints of her late Father Gopinathrao Munde  to accomplish his task in the central government.This new web 7 National Highways across this district will prove a new Golden Web of long awaited sustainable development.


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