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Disparity in road conditions

Disparity in road conditions "India's road infrastructure will match USA by 2024" This is the line frequently spoken by the Honourable Union minister for...

Reshuffle in BJP’s apex board & its significance

Names of BJP's parliamentary board members are a big surprise not just for the public but also for the party leaders.

आधुनिक भारत में आधुनिक सड़कों के जाल से विकास पथ की मज़बूत नींव रखते विकास पुरुष “नितिन गडकरी”

"'नितिन गडकरी" देश-दुनिया की एक ऐसी दूरदर्शी विचारों वाली शानदार शख्सियत हैं, जिनके लिए हमेशा जनहित, देशहित व आधुनिक भारत का निर्माण सर्वोपरि रहा है।

Modi’s cabinet overhaul: Maximum elections- maximum government!

To win maximum lections, Modi has deployed maximum government! The fairy tale, run of Minimum Government Maximum Governance – has ended!

Nitin Gadkari’s viral speech could be a vaccine for Good Governance

The direct, simple, straight speech was brutal and sharp and aimed at total lack of Governance among the Governing class. He spoke what the common man talks day in and day out, in street corners.

Is Modi’s $ 5 trillion economy vision missing a nut-bolt man?

Nitin Gadkari is the leader who can fulfill Modi's grand economic vision.

Lok Sabha election 2019- BJP’s chances in West Bengal

Some suggestions for a 10 point strategy that may not only fetch electoral success but their implementation would also do a lot of good to the people of the state.

Desperate strategies of Rahul Gandhi which backfires his party everytime

Rahul Gandhi, assumes like any other European that India is in an utter state of poverty and that poverty has to be addressed by distribution of money is demeaning the poor of the nation who are willing to toil to get an honourable wage.

Peace on the roads: An open letter to Nitin Gadkari

Improper traffic sense has ugly repercussions on life and well-being of the citizens. We need to have the peace back on our roads.

India Aspires by Nitin Gadkari: A work-in-progress vision document for the BJP

The Modi govt has undertaken action on many of the points that Mr Gadkari has mentioned in the book "India Aspires" by Mr. Gadkari.

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