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Home Satire Rahul Gandhi's Twitter Account gets hacked, and some of the reactions are shocking!

Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter Account gets hacked, and some of the reactions are shocking!

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Hemant Bijapurkar
Contributor at, Wish to write a great trilogy someday!

Rahul Gandhi has been late at some things, his marriage for one, which hasn’t yet taken off. Many thought his twitter joining date would also keep getting postponed like his wedding date but sometime in May 2015 it finally happened and he joined twitter. But even when he did, he kept his twitter handle as @OfficeOfRG but it wasn’t immediately clear as to which office he was referring to. But his twitter account to a large extent became a letdown containing none of the pearls of wisdom regularly witnessed at his speeches. But finally today after his account was hacked, things exploded and everyone started talking about it and showed as much interest in his account as Sanjay Jha probably does. We managed to collect some of the sane reactions to the all the insanity:

Many scratched their heads to come up with possible motives:
@rahulroushan this was all a strategy to gain followers. @OfficeOfRG
— Ankit Baveja (@AnkitBaveja) November 30, 2016

And it also appeared to have started working!
Finally following @OfficeOfRG
— Rahul Roushan (@rahulroushan) November 30, 2016


If this were true then Kejriwal should immediately sit on a Dharna to protest such blatant copying
My 3rd conspiracy theory. Rahul Gandhi tweets abusive about his family and himself, only to blame Modi later.
— Maithun (@Being_Humor) November 30, 2016

Someone even speculated his possible Twitter password.
Rahul Gandhi’s account hacked password is “I love Doremon” 😂#RahulGandhi
— Nagaraju Repala (@nagarockshard) November 30, 2016

Even Snoopy looked confused when asked this question:
Modi: Kya lagta hai, Rahul Gandhi ka account hack hua hai?
Amit Shah:
— PhD in Bak*****!! (@Atheist_Krishna) November 30, 2016


One of our staff decided to put out his expert comments
I thought people felt Rahul’s account was hacked after his tweets finally started making sense.
— Hemant Bijapurkar (@bija_hem) November 30, 2016

But the truth is, the quality of tweets turned out to be even lower and people expressed sadness:
The sad part is that the person who hacked Rahul Gandhi’s account had lower IQ than RG.
— Sagar (@sagarcasm) November 30, 2016

True, only Rahul Gandhi has the visionary capability of tweeting from a landline
#RahulGandhi showing his phone to cyber security experts to detect hacking
— Overtly Covert (@bwoyblunder) November 30, 2016


But Rahul should be relieved
#RahulGandhi – My account has been hacked
Sonia – Which account 😨😨
Rahul – Twitter
Sonia – Thank God! I thought Swiss account.
— Anjie (@_Baatcutter) November 30, 2016

And if you just started wondering why it hasn’t yet been linked to demonetization..
And just imagine, if it’s so easy to hack digital presence of an SPG protected person, how easy it would be to steal your digital money.
— Dr Ajoy Kumar (@drajoykumar) November 30, 2016

Of course after all this Congress decided to provide the best possible security to prevent such attacks in the future:
Sanjay Jha protecting Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account. 😂😂
— PhD in Bak*****!! (@Atheist_Krishna) November 30, 2016

But of RaGa just did his duty as a patriotic citizen, sad some people are laughing at it
Sonia: Tune kisi ko password bataya kya ?
RaGa: Mumma Modi keh raha tha to disclose all account details #RaGaHacked
— The-Lying-Lama (@KyaUkhaadLega) November 30, 2016

But finally as a punishment for Rahul’s account getting hacked, we all should be ashamed as a society for a whole day
Hacked twitter account of Rahul Gandhi gave us another reason to be ashamed as a society.
– Indian Liberals 2016
— Liberal History (@Liberal_History) November 30, 2016

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Hemant Bijapurkar
Contributor at, Wish to write a great trilogy someday!

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