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U-turn is passe, Arvind Kejriwal has now started doing somersaults

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By now you may have seen hundreds of U-turns by Arvind Kejriwal. Any new U-turn he makes is hardly surprising. But he is so rattled by the Demonetization move by the central government that he started doing somersaults.

In May 2013, following an expose about banks involved in money laundering, Kejriwal claimed that India was on sale by its banks. He even tweeted that “Bank officials admit money of many politicians getting laundered.”

tweets by Arvind Kejriwal
Kejriwal in 2013: Banks were bad

Around two years later, in Feb 2015, when AVAM (a breakaway group of AAP) exposed 2 crore funding to AAP by dubious donors, Kejriwal issued honesty certificate to Indian banks, which were only two years earlier selling the country and laundering politicians’ money according to him. Suddenly his faith in Indian banking system was restored.

The party said “India’s banking system makes it impossible to launder money”. AAP leader and ex-banker Meera Sanyal said that you can’t even put black money worth 50 lakh in any Indian bank.

Kejriwal in 2015: Banks are good

This is just one of many U-turns by Kejriwal which is not surprising. But now Kejriwal has lost faith in Indian banking system again.

Most Indians have supported the Demonetization move by the central government, despite the inconvenience it has caused them. One expects ‘anti-corruption crusader’ Kejriwal to support this move, but he is trying his best to discredit it. He did a press conference to make silly and easily verifiable allegations against the central government.

He has claimed that thousands of crores of black money has been deposited in banks. As per Kejriwal, last year in February under Modi’s rule, it was impossible to deposit 50 lakhs in an Indian Bank but now thousands of crores of black money is deposited in banks “suspiciously”.

Kejriwal’s second u-turn; a somersault

This made me think why a smart politician like Kejriwal doesn’t care about taking a consistent stand or explaining his frequent changes in stand to his supporters. Maybe he thinks that his supporters will believe anything he says and never question him. He wants to keep them engaged in silly conspiracy theories.

After Jaitley clarifies that marginal spike in bank deposit in last quarter is due to the release of arrears by pay commission on 31st Aug, I don’t expect Kejriwal to apologise for misleading people. If one conspiracy theory is debunked, he will move on to the next one, and in the process doing further somersaults.

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