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What changed in last 5 years?

Unlike earlier governments that used to come back to power with just a single major decision like nuclear deal or farm loan waiver or increase in the number of subsidized cylinders, this government has has taken major decisions every single day.

More answers to FAQs of those who don’t believe in the demonetisation drive

It's not wrong to doubt a move, but at least read the responses to your doubt!

Answering some skeptics who think demonetisation is of no use

Some questions that skeptics of demonetisation asks, and answers that I have fore them.

Letter to PM regarding unethical exchanges of old currency notes

A suggestion about currency exchange rules regarding the demonetisation drive.

U-turn is passe, Arvind Kejriwal has now started doing somersaults

Kejriwal is now consistently inconsistent on stands on various issues.

Demonetisation – why you should support PM Modi, and why people are happy

Documentation of tweets by @a_muglikars on demonetisation. Why we must put faith in this move.

एक चवन्नी के दम पर चलता है पचास रूपये का काला धन, जानिये कैसे

500 और 1000 रूपये के पुराने के नोट बंद करने पर गोविंदाचार्य जी की राय गलत है।

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