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The Fall and Fall of Arvind Kejriwal

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They say a good test of your character is not how you behave on your best days, but how you behave on your worst days. And there possibly couldn’t be a better testimony to this than the ubiquitous Arvind Kejriwal.

When his stars were on the ascent, Kejriwal was anointed as the Messiah of Clean Politics. And why not? Magsaysay awardee, Anti-corruption warrior, Anna comrade, Congress nemesis, you name it and he wore the crown. At a dark time, he caught the fancy of the nation and practically sanctified every cause that he adopted.

To cut a long story short, Kejriwal in the last 2 years has gone from being a hallowed politician to one whose intentions are looked at with amazement, exasperation and often ridicule.

Going purely by his media utterances, one often gets the feeling that today Kejriwal is going through tough times and thus comes the horrific revelation of his character.

His destruction can be traced back to his pitiful demolition in Varanasi and the descent has been fast and furious since. Bored of Delhi, he is on a perpetual Project Attack Modi (PAM). So deep has he dived into PAM that often it seems that the line between attacking Modi and harming the country has long been erased.

People had barely forgotten his patently anti national statement on Uri that his completely unbecoming reactions on #Demonetisation have surfaced. From making allegations into PayTM advertisement to alleging that BJP had given prior information to its associates on the scheme, he along with his minions have spanned the spectrum in their attempt to inflict maximum damage.

This is not to say that Opposition should not fulfill its duties of constructive criticism, but Kejriwal has turned making unfounded allegations and tasteless insinuations into an art (or should I say craft?).

The PayTM insinuation is particularly hilarious as the PayTM founder Vijay Shekhar is a self-confessed AAP supporter. The second accusation, that BJP members had prior knowledge of the scheme and disposed off their assets is typically Kejriwal, shoot and scoot without an iota of proof.

Prominent AAP leaders went on to defame BJP MLAs and their family members in their attempt to malign the scheme and its intentions. This was promptly called out by SM warriors but the damage was already done.

It is particularly sickening that this is being done at a time when most people are solidly behind the government with the larger national interest at heart. Even the common man on the road, the ones whose voice has been appropriated by Yugpurush is largely happy and optimistic about the scheme. In this situation, one sees Kejriwal specifically and his comrades in general, trying their level best to muddy the waters with rabid personal accusations against the PM and BJP cadre.

It takes a relentlessly aware Social Media to call out his brazen lies each time. Thankfully there are real AAM ADMIs (not to mention Aurats) out there, who will not let PAM translate into him playing with fire at the expense of the nation.

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