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More answers to FAQs of those who don’t believe in the demonetisation drive

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(This is in continuation from an earlier post – read part-1 here – where I am answering some ‘frequently asked questions’ by doubters and skeptics)

Stop being so insensitive! People have died in ATM queues and due to lack of cash…

People in erstwhile undivided Andra Pradesh kept dying of ‘shock’ even weeks after Y. S. Rajasekhar Reddy’s death in a helicopter crash. For weeks after Jayalalitha was jailed, people kept dying because of the news. But that was another century, when news used to travel over a tortoises back. That is why people got shocked even weeks later.

This standard media template has been clinically debunked already here.

Sorry. Not being insensitive to any death. But its our hallowed media which has made a joke of the deaths, by attributing any death in a 5 km radius of a bank/ATM/post-office to demonetisation drive.

Strange, they are yet to come with headlines – “Why haven’t any crore-pati’s died of shock?”


So banks have received Rs 3 or 4 lakh crores so far? Tell me how much of it is black money ?

None of it. Yeah, well – mostly.

And that is what the whole idea of the scheme is. Honest, clean, white money holders will freely and boldly walk up to a bank and deposit their money. Black money holders will be left sitting on horns of dilemma. Even if a black money holder deposits his illegal stash in bank today, the scrutiny of the wealth and real penalties will be levied only in coming months. So, don’t expect a running commentary of black money score.


But for simple analysis, 14 lakh crores worth of 500/1000′ rupee notes are out there. If all of them get deposited to the banks by Dec 30th, the scheme has failed. If a good chunk never comes back (estimates suggest at least 4-5 lakh crores wont) – that’s the black money eliminated.

Do you realise how much India will lose if those 4-5 lakh crores are lost?

Actually, India will lose nothing – even if that money is burnt in dustbins, except for the smog it may cause.

The currency note you hold is merely like a bearer cheque issued to you by the Govt, via RBI. The government has a liability to pay us against this. So, if the bearer tears up the cheque and never shows up to en-cash it, the issuer (government) gets absolved of the liability of paying it. And a liability that disappears into thin air – is a gain to the issuer.

So – if these 4-5 lakh crores simply disappear – it means the government, or in turn – we the citizens of India become richer by that much amount. And that’s a big amount that can be invested in some real good work. Got it?

Stop justifying. Modi did this just for elections in UP to help BJP

It would be fool-hardy for anyone claim that all parties in India have black money, but not BJP. Even staunch Modi supporters can’t deny that the ill’s of cash in elections and politics in general is a malaise that ails all parties, including Modi’s own.

And that’s what makes this decision the most daring & bold step ever taken in National Interest by any political leader ever. Remember when Modi used to say “Nation First”?

This one step should open the eyes of all his critics. This defines “Nation first” – as blatantly and boldly as can ever be.

Modi has risked the support of his party’s traditional support base across traders, jewellers and other business classes, and antagonized potentially a huge class of lower level political workers in his party too. There could be potentially political sabotage within. But, Modi has his eyes on a larger goal.

So this is not really about elections.

Are you sure – this could not have been done without all this inconvenience? 

Everyone wants the crazy traffic jams to disappear in Bangalore, but no one wants to take the bus or car-pool. Everyone wants the environment to be clean and city to be green, but no one wants to get off their butt on a weekend and plant a few trees.

Everyone wants a revolution, but with a “Do not disturb me. Just deliver the revolution hot and steaming in a pizza box at 9 pm” caveat.

Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die…

We all cheered when Karan said in “Rang De Basanti”

“Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota hai… Usse Perfect banaana padta hai…!!!”

Time to do our bit now! And it’s merely a damn queue!

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