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How the so-called liberals and media attacked my personal life for my tweet

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Shikha Bhattacharya
Shikha Bhattacharya
The (above) average angry Indian!

The day of Nov 2nd 2016, showed me the extent to which an entire segment of our society is working with a missionary zeal to ensure that the fabric of India is destroyed, beyond repair.

When I signed in to twitter, on the morning of 2nd Nov, I was greeted by tweets on my timeline, bashing the government for not delivering on its promised OROP implementation. I felt a compulsive urge to put forward my disgust at this agenda driven hate brigade, hell-bent on peddling lies, and that’s exactly what I did!

My tweet for which I was attacked and mocked

Once my tweet spread like wild fire, the agenda brigade doubled up and got working overtime. Some nondescript profiles copied and pasted my tweet on their profile and steered a genuine statement into a joke.

People dug up my profile for tweets posted more than 2 years back, but completely ignored my tweets right below the original tweet, where I have given a lot of explanations. The filth generating brigade came up with tweets declaring that our PM gives my husband a 9 day Eid break in India, when my location shows that I live in Dubai.

Sick and deceitful minds declared that I was a polygamous woman sitting in Dubai, with a fake account created with the sole intent to promote BJP, feigning to be an Army officers wife. All this despite me being on Twitter for the last 10 years, with my original identity (not a pseudo profile).

I have more than 14K tweets, of which, hundreds are on my life and experiences in the Army, specially our posting in J&K. The hate brigade thought they would succeed in pulling me into the filth and have me wrestle with pigs. They are sadly mistaken, they have only hardened my resolve to slap facts into their faces, for now and in future.

The most amazing and unbelievable part was Indian Express and Firstpost, promptly picking up the duplicate tweets and declaring that my tweet on OROP had backfired. Dear IE and FP, where exactly did you take your logic lessons from? Also, what drives your tabloid journalism to stoop to such lows? The brazenness of these paid media houses has been exposed to the world so many times, yet they refuse to learn their lessons and continue their hate mongering.

Another despicable act was from some so-called “ex officers”, who shamelessly joined the hate brigade. The government that undid the gross injustice meted out to Armed forces for the last 40 years, is being maligned, for taking the initiative and implementing OROP.

Last month, my husband and I visited Pune, and he visited CDA (Controller of Defence Accounts) to update his details and get a complete clarity on the impact of OROP. We checked the pension account to see the arrears credited and the revised pension being credited into his account, and that was the basis of my claim. Anyone with a brain size bigger than a gold fish, can look up information on OROP and 7th Pay commission, which is on public domain.

OROP calculation table
OROP calculation table

The hate brigade can keep barking all they want, because dogs bark at things they don’t understand.

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Shikha Bhattacharya
Shikha Bhattacharya
The (above) average angry Indian!
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