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Arvind Kejariwal is a Scam and entire AAP is a Propaganda – Zaid Hamid

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In a bizarre twist of events during current ongoing demonetization move by India, a prominent Pakistani conspiracy theorist claimed that the current CM of Delhi is a biggest scam and entire AAP party is a huge propaganda in history of mankind.

Mr Hamid tweets to warn his followers and countrymen

Mr Zahid Hamid, better known as Laal Topi across the border, in his series of twitter rant he claimed that entire thing is propaganda and it doesn’t exist, evil Modi has planted the whole story as a booby trap for our intelligence agency’ ‘Modi has created this whole scam with help from Israeli technology in which you can project any character out of thin air just using a smart phone as projector’

Mr Hamid during the press conference

Talking to reporters he went on to claim ‘Look many of our assets in India has suffer heavy blow due to this evil move of demonetization. It was a very careful plan of Modi but that’s not all; the biggest scam was to create a fictional character called Arvind Kejriwal and a party AAP. He is successful on demonetization because of this scam’

He further explained ‘ Many politicians & prominent journos in India are in our payroll who regularly visit our GHQ to receive briefings and show their uncircumcised penis for authenticity’ He added. ‘We wanted exactly same from this character, once we assessed its enough hate for Modi and anti-India activity’ ‘Look at West Bengal, a khatoon is crying now, she is in real trouble, our operation is blown into many pieces, Truck load of our meterials being stand still’ ‘Immediately after the announcement she was in contact to our GHQ for advice and many other journos with verified uncircumcised penis were also in contact but nothing from this fictional character called Arvind Kejriwal’ ‘Our khatoon must have shared some of our operation to this fake character, that’s why Modi is successful pinning our her’

Answering to a question from a reporter about the significance of uncircumcised penis, he went on to explain ‘Look it is for authenticity, during partition- most muslims choose to stay in India so we don’t trust them. On the other hand, any good English speaking Hindu journo in India are our potential assets. They genuinely hate anything Hindu and Modi related .Look at Diwali or filthy Dashera festival they always cry foul. Also look at the misogynist festival Karwa chaut! how they ridicule it but defend triple talaaq’ ‘They will die defending our culture and narratives’  ‘Also ,they speak same narrative as our high command against India’ ‘This is a huge loyalty! but same can not be expected with circumcised penis as Modi can plant a Shia or Jew or even a Ahmadi posing as a Modi hater so we don’t want to take risk’

This is the reality : Zaid Hamid

Mr Hamid continued , ‘We also now know why this scam is created twice’ ‘Initially, Modi created the whole propaganda even before coming to power for better preparedness so that he could introduce demonetization from day one but his plan was leaked to some journos possible from his own circle and it was published in some papers. He was mad, he wanted to identify the source of this leak. So he decided to postpone his move and waited for the whole things to be subsided. He temporarily killed this fake character and made us to believe everything is normal but something else was cooking in his evil mind. He perfectly executed his plan then a almost a year after taking power Modi reintroduced this fake character. He slowly gained sizable followers from across border and sadly, a sizable Muslim youth from India also fell into this trap’

Mr Laal Topi further added, ‘Many times our intelligence people tried to reach him and requested him to visit and show his penis for authenticity but all we got ‘Who are your other assets? thank you, Modi? Is there any in BJP too? Regards, Modi’ from him.

‘I myself tried to contact him sending a DM asking him to come forward and send the pic of his penis but he kept asking ‘Is there any of your agent in modi, BJP ,Modi’ I know many loyal in some party but I want to know in BJP so I can exposed Modi framing him for being ISI agent!, Modi’  ‘Isn’t that Modi?’ Mr Laal Topi furiously questioned.

Mr Hamid shares the screenshot of his conversation with AK as proof

‘Initially we thought it was a typo to find so many Modi,Modi on his replies but later we realised that Modi himself was handeling AK twitter account and forgot to remove his pre-composed signature while replying’

‘Modi wanted to fool us to get vital info about how his earlier plan was leaked to media and about our various operations across India’

‘Look, Modi and this fake character came around same time’ Midi’s plan was to frame fake AK and its group as an arch critic to gain anti Modi followers from both countries and tap into possible classified info about our operations. After the Uri attack and subsequent events Modi increasingly framed this AK figure as anti-India and Modi. The whole Pakistan hailed AK as a hero but Sadly, we fell into this huge bobby trap. It seems Modi has managed to unearth our operations secret by his tactics. Hence, the current demonetization. Moreover, as Modi was very successful in his plan, it was time to wrap up this whole scam. Therefore, slowly he has started a clean up operation in a cover of fake rape scandal involving fake AAP’s fake MLAs. Slowely, Modi is killling all fake characters of this fake group. Modi also had almost killed the main character previously in a highly staged YouTube video where this fake AK was seen claiming ‘Modi wants to kill me’

‘Now Modi has best chance to cover his grand scam after successful demonetization, mark my words- a few months from now and the whole fake AAP saga will be wiped out from everyone’s memory’

Mr Laal Topi , visibly frustrated explained about interest on this fake AK figure, ‘We were particularly interested in Delhi due to the fact that it will be the future capital city of greater Pakistan after Ghajwa-e-Hind , we wanted this Banya to act to keep our future capital clean but look at his daily routine, even our worst CM/PM show some concern during crisis but this character is busy reviewing movies! People are dying from pollution. Isn’t that obvious?’ He questions.

He continued, ‘Look at his face – does this fake character belong to any part of this world ? Which part of the planet is he from? he doesn’t even look like a filthy Hindu banya! ‘Just google it – there is nothing you will find a similar human face’

‘This is a pure computer generated image’ Mr Laal Topi finally laid some questions to challenge this scam, ‘If he is a real human come up with proof of followings;

Q1 How many pubic hair he has?
Q2 How many grams of oxygen he inhales and exhales CO2?
Q3 How many atoms his body made of?

Following his twitter rant, Many partisan alike across border mocked Mr Zaid for his rant as being super hilarious. Although, most Indians take him as a comedian for his conspiracy theories and trademark comments on Hindus, Jews and also on RAW/Mossad/CIA some staunch supporter of Modi/BJP aka Bhakt were celebrating his theory on twitter as biggest slap on the Delhi CM who has become a biggest pain in ass in Indian history, trending #KejriwalExposed #FakeKejriwal and #CountYourPubicHairKejari

Shortly a tweet appeared in Kejriwal’s TL ‘Sab Mile Hue hai Ji’

Tweet from AK handle

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