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Arrogant left is not able to digest Trump’s victory

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I am an ordinary Bharatiya who has something to say.

On 8th November America went to the polls. What happened next almost led some to tears. Trump ended up clinching the presidency. From being a reality TV star and entrepreneur to winning the election, it has been quite a journey for Trump. Probably the best example of the ‘American Dream’.

The journey though was not a simple one. From being an outsider in his own party, he has managed quite the turnaround. His victory signified a change which had begun several years ago; the decline of traditional ‘legacy’ media and the rise of new age media. Traditional sources of media not just in India but around the world have left-liberal biases. Bias would be too weak a word to use though.

A poll showed that most Indians distrust the MSM. Their influence has been waning fast. But it seems they still over overestimate their reach and credibility. All MSM around the world rallied behind Clinton. Accusing Trump of misogyny  they exposed their own hypocrisy.

MSM channelled their inner Nostradamus’. Poll after poll showed a landslide victory for the democrats. But these news outlets weren’t  all that neutral and had vested interests in a Clinton victory. They had donated heavily to the Clinton campaign. Many major celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry (whose own father voted for Trump) had openly endorsed for a Clinton presidency others like Madonna tried to pull off a Poonam Pandey to persuade voters to vote for Clinton. Not just  artists but even the New York Times and Barkha Dutt endorsed Clinton.

Even after victory, many news outlets like CNN didn’t seem too amused. Coming up with reasons like the white-lash. Even Indian MSM proved  the saying the argument of a liberal begins with a false equivalence with a journalist crediting Modi’s victory to that of Trump and labelling it a Hindu-lash.

But Trump one upped all of them and won the White House in what was called America’s most divisive election yet to become the oldest person elected to office. The left globalist media is very much blame here. The media like Zeus unleashed the kraken that is Trump (sadly onto themselves) on to America. Maybe it was hatred for the MSM and the establishment  that was a major reason for Trump’s victory.

But liberals seem to forget that democracy is for the people of the people and by the people and  of the people  and not only some people. Liberals still havent accepted Trump as their President Elect with the hashtag #NotMyPresident.

Maybe they (MSM) can take a lesson from this. Liberals who outraged when Trump said this are now protesting  in the streets against the  results of a fair democratic election because they don’t like the results. American flags were being burnt in the streets.

Many American politicians took a cue from their Indian counterparts to organize a sit in the parliament maybe an award wapsi isn’t that far away.

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I am an ordinary Bharatiya who has something to say.
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