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Ticket to Pakistan

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Now Bollywood filmmaker Anurag Kashyap is labelled as anti-national and asked to go and reside in Pakistan. He has committed a serious crime, supported the release of Karan Johar Production “Aai Dil Hai Muskil” which has a Pakistani actor in one of the leading role, bizarre.

India has become a nation which loves to have an opinion on everything, mostly negative. Further there have been groups in social media who believes trolling anyone in the name of nationality is their birth right. Anurag Kashyap faced the heat of troller as he instigated a debate; “it was very much the same time when Indian Prime Minister landed at Lahore for a surprise birthday wishes to his Pakistani counterpart, Karan Johar was busy shooting for his movie in some other part of the World”. It portrays, by the time movie was floored and millions invested, there was tranquillity between both neighbours. Now Pakistan has offenced with another terror attack on Indian soil and patriots want to punish an Indian who has no involvement direct or indirect with the incident.

By the time rift around release of the movie instigated, a news channel went on quoting; “Aai Dil Hai Muskil” should not be allowed to release at all, it doesn’t matter if the producer suffers financial setback of some rupees in million. Needless to mention it is the same news channel which prefers to have three to four Pakistani in his prime time news penal.

Anurag is likely to catch the bus to Pakistan along with Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal who was sentenced Pakistani citizenship few weeks earlier. Kejriwal was found guilty of reacting to Pakistani media. After India initiated surgical operation over the terrorists residing at Kashmir under Pakistani occupancy, Pakistan has ensured everything possible to convince international media that no such operation was actuated. Further Pakistan slandered with such conviction that spurious Pakistani propaganda valued above India’s documented evidence. As a responsible Indian, the outcome hurts and Mr. Kejriwal in his capacity of a democratically elected Chief Minister urged his PM to pay back a fitted reply.

Once Kejriwal’s plea got aired, troller or rather self-declared nationalists’ blatanted him for being a Pakistani agent and wanted him to reside in Pakistan. Reason being media of that country has hailed him as a super-hero. Difficult to understand, troller blamed Kejriwal first for following Pak media and later mortified him trusting the very same Pakistani media. Further nights after night debates are orchestrated against the Delhi Chief Minister in a channel that preferred not less than four Pakistani in his intellect panel.

Nationalists must understand that India is a democratic country governed by the democratically elected government. Freedom of expression is our constitutional right and no one can deny us from exercising it. People like Arvind Kejriwal and Anurag Kashyap has had some contribution towards growth and sovereignty of this country. Needless to mention these nationalists had done nothing in their life other than abusing people over social media.

India has entered into its seventieth years of Independence and from Nehru to Modi it has witnessed several leaders throned to power, few for a limited period and others full time. Government has induced numbers of plans and policies in their period, some relished and some didn’t. But questioning the government has never been such a staggering task earlier. Previously when policies are questioned, ministers briefed their concerns over the debate and approved criticism. In last two years or so those questioning government are trolled, abused and insulted with defamatory words, most of the time by trollers and sometimes by ruling party’s spoke persons.

One firm pillar of democracy, media (more specifically electronic media) is eluding itself from responsibility. Most of their debates are centralized over nationalism and condemning opposition. No one talks about inflation. Petrol price is stiffly surging every month and not even a quoted caption mentioning it.

It is important to have patriotism, but it should come by choice, not by force. India has voted BJP to counter core issue like inflation and poverty. This government has failed to counter it and now unbridled so-called fundamentalists to spread patriotism over social media, a fake one.

India is equally owned by each of its citizen, from poorest of poor class to President of India. A bunch of people sitting over social media can’t defame others by advising them to go to Pakistan. They also can’t stop civic society from raising question.

Here Prime Minister has to address the pupils and placate the heavy weather. If one wonder why PM, then let me tell you why;

“Prime Minister is a democratically elected leader and it’s his duty to ensure safety for his countrymen. When designated spoke persons of his party and ministers from his Union cabinet are busy indulging hate politics, he must issue a strong statement against those spreading hate politics and help India regaining faith in him”.

I can say the only thing to fanatics across social media. Stalling a movie premier may earn short-lived publicity bit it is not the solution. If they are truly obsessed with Pakistani presence in India, they must demand the government to strengthen policies for Pakistani working in India. Trust me, there is a lot more to do other than sitting over twitter and burlesque other.

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