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Kejriwal – India’s latest Jaichand

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For long I have avoided social media commentary on current political scene. I just wanted to avoid slugfest with friends & acquaintances. But as Dante said “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”

Indian populace never ceases to amaze me. We still have a large fan following for a charlatan called Arvind Kejriwal who at the moment is holding a constitutional post and in some way representing Republic of India. He once claimed do different kind of politics & he is proving his claim every bit. This man has taken Indian politics to the subterranean realms of the universe which even likes of Lalu, Karuna, Diggy, etc. failed to do.

In a recent video release this charlatan asked Govt to release proof of India’s action across LOC. It was just a ploy to bait Indian government as his long-time associate Mayank Gandhi describes in this article. Let me remind Mr Kejriwal that, biggest weapon of any armies are morale & motivation, not the guns they are holding. High morale makes them charge on enemy without fear for their life.

There is no way any one can prove or disprove that “surgical strike” happened whether army release photos or videos. Just like when Osama Bin Laden was killed in Abbottabad, people across the spectrum in US trusted the leadership and accepted in unison.

After DGMO broke the news about strikes it was our job to trust & support them fully as the act of faith to the Institution fighting day and night for us. I would like to remind this charlatan that one of our Fundamental duties include “To defend the Country”. Modern warfare has not always been fought on battlefield but also across the table on negotiation table as well as in media. But this charlatan chose to play right into the hands of our enemy just to gain some political mileage. Quisling & Jaichand will always be among the masses but now choice is ours to whether make them our ruler or send them back to the hell-hole they belong to.

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