Is Arvind Kejriwal’s entry into BJP imminent?

Yes this may come as a shock but it is highly possible that AAP Delhi CM and perennial hater of Modi, Arvind Kejriwal may join BJP very soon. The only hitch in this move would be determining whether Kejriwal will stick to his word, or make yet another U-Turn.


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Way back in 2014, when Kejriwal had dumped Delhi and was harbouring dreams of becoming PM of India, he had taken a vow that he will join BJP. Kejriwal said the following to some BJP supporters, at a roadshow:

I asked them that if the BJP came to power, will they have to pay less for gas? I told them that if that was the case, then we too will join the BJP

Of course he backtracked from this statement soon enough, but if one is to hold Kejriwal to his word, his entry into BJP is almost certain since just last week, the price of natural gas was slashed by 18% by the central Government. The new price is $ 2.5 per mmBtu.

A few days before his above “pratigya” Kejriwal had made another foolish statement which now stands exposed:

As explained above, the price of gas is now way below even what AAP wanted. So is this Modi’s grand plan? Is this the way he wants to eliminate Kejriwal by forcing him to join BJP?

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