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Thanks Harsh Mander ! So this is what dhimmitude truly looks like

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Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee is a columnist and author.  

Sometimes the starry eyed foolishness of our liberals simply takes my breath away. If you ever wanted to know what dhimmitude truly means, you must read this article by Harsh Mander in Scroll. I write this post not to mock Harsh Mander, much less his ageing mother who wanted to see the Rawalpindi of her birth. If there is anything we can do to give even a little comfort to her generation that felt the pangs of partition, we should. The pain of partition is something we all live in our hearts. All I want is that none of us should go through the same trauma that she suffered. And that is not asking for too much, is it?

I write this post to give you a glimpse of the future that liberals have visualized for the Hindus of this land.

Ode to Pakistan


Let Harsh Mander explain what he was doing:

My mother was forced to leave behind the city of her birth, Rawalpindi, when she was just 18 because of the tumultuous ruptures of Partition. She had never returned. When she was to turn 75, I thought the best gift I could give her was to take her, if it was at all possible, to the city and to the home in which she was born.”

She left at 18 and never returned? Oh no, wonder why?  Now let Harsh Mander unravel the cruel irony of the story. Imagine leaving home at 18 and being too scared to return to see the place even once in the next 57 is only at the age of 75 that she finally discovers that people in her hometown were waiting all these years to welcome her with their arms open. A bit like the final sequence from Aamir Khan’s PK. Oh…the irony of it all. All that pain and all that fear was for nothing.

Our flight landed at Lahore, and our friends drove us from the airport to their home in Islamabad. I noticed that my mother was initially a little tense. Maybe it was memories of the violence of her exile; maybe it was just the idea that this was now a foreign land, and for many in India the enemy land.

The enemy land? Where? Pakistan? Oh no, Harsh, please don’t say THAT. What has ever happened that would give any rational person the impression that Pakistan is “enemy land”? Don’t break our good liberal heart with such harsh words…

Now, wait till Harsh Mander describes the “homecoming”


This my friends, is our future as visualized by Harsh Mander. To request with folded hands to briefly see the colony where we were born and where we spent our childhood. That’s what they will call a “homecoming” when the Hindus have entered the final stage of dhimmitude in India. Aren’t we lucky? Aren’t they merciful? Aren’t you folks enthusiastic about your bright liberal future? Exciting, no?

Let’s read what happened once his mother reached the colony where she was born:

My mother recalled that the name of the residential colony in which she lived as a child was called Gawal Mandi. My friends knew it well; it was now an upmarket upper middle-class enclave. When we reached there, my mother tried to locate the house of her childhood. It seemed impossible. Everything was new: most of the old houses had been rebuilt and opulent new structures had come up in their place. She located the building that had housed their gurudwara. It had now been converted into a health centre.

WOW…it’s almost like visiting the FUTURE! Everything is newer and better and fresher and cooler. In this wonderland, there are only “opulent new houses”. In the future, people have moved well past primitive dharmic superstitions. Naturally, the gurudwara has become a health centre.

You’ll never guess what happened when Harsh Mander’s mother finally managed to locate her old home

we knocked tentatively on the door of the house. … My mother said apologetically, “We are so sorry to trouble you, and intrude suddenly in this way….

The house owner’s response was spontaneous and immediate. “Mataji, why do you say that this was your home?” he said. “It continues to be your home even today. You are most welcome.” And he led us all in….

Half an hour later, we thanked the house-owners and said that we would be on our way. But they would not hear of it. …They overruled all our protestations, and lunch was prepared for around eight members of our party, including not just my family but also our Pakistani hosts.

Did I not tell you this is our future, folks? We get to knock “tentatively” and ask them “apologetically” if we can “intrude” for a few minutes in the house that we were forced to leave behind. And half an hour later, we should thank the “house owners” and get going. And should the “house owners” decide to serve us a meal, that’s just too gracious for words…

Seriously, how many of you are looking forward to this dazzling future?

With Harsh Mander and his party giving such rave reviews to this futuristic wonderland, others were drawn in as well..

The next year, my mother-in-law, a wheel-chair user, requested that we take her also to Pakistan to visit her childhood home, this time in Gujranwala…. Our experience this time was very similar to that of the previous year. The owner of their old ancestral haveli in Gujranwala village took my mother-in-law around the sprawling property on her wheel-chair, and after we had eaten with them asked her, “Would you not like to check out your farm-lands?”

In a wheelchair, being shown around by the “owner of their old ancestral haveli“? The future is shining so bright my friends that I need to cover my eyes…

Finally, Mr. Harsh Mander signs off with this:

I have travelled to many countries in the world in the 60 years of my life. I have never encountered a people as gracious as those in Pakistan. This declaration is my latest act of sedition.

I have encountered many liberals in the world during my lifetime. I have never encountered a depiction of dhimmitude as explicit and lifelike as you have drawn here. My lack of enthusiasm for such a future is my latest act of communalism.


Chaiwallah is an ordinary Bharatiya Hindu who opposes the Dynasty and blogs at

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Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee is a columnist and author.  
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