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Open Letter to Outlook Columnist on RSS Trafficking Story

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Neha Dixit- Outlook Columnist
Krishna Prasad,
Editor- Outlook Magazine

Madam/ Sir,

First of all I express my strong objections about your August 8th issue on so called RSS kids trafficking. I totally reject this issue and denounce your expert manipulator and fabricator journalist Neha Dixit.

I am from remote Dumduma village of West Garo hills in Meghalaya. We are three brothers and three sisters in our family. I belong to farmer family. It was very difficult for my parents to educate all of us. So, my father voluntarily admitted me to Belbari Vidya Bharati school in class 2, located about 70 kms from my village. Then my parents urged NGO to send me to Maharashtra in quest for quality education. I was shifted to Marathwada region of Maharashtra in class 8. And now I am pursuing my BAMS medical course. I will be doctor January next year from Parshuram Medical College Lote- Chiplun in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. During my whole education my parents paid almost nothing as they just can’t! This is unbelievable for my village to see doctor of their own village.
Didn’t you or Neha Dixit ever felt the need to ask opinion of beneficiaries of such education like me? Is it not professional journalism to juxtapose both sides of issue?  Have you ever tried to meet students like us, Neha could have added at least 50,000 word text to her stupid junk of 11,350 word text of “Operation Baby Lift”

But after reading “Operation Baby Lift”, I concluded that you, Neha and Outlook management are innocent in this matter and you have just handled outsourced “Supari Killing” assignment funded by vested interest groups to target NGOs, groups and institutions which are creating hurdles in religious conversions, evangelization drive and anti- national activities like separatism, insurgency and militancy in North East India.

I can mention few points which might have triggered Outlook’s “Operation Beti Uthao”,

1)    You Leftist guys in India can’t tolerate educated tribal as leftist intellectuals, writers and journalist want to see Indian tribal youth with rifle in one hand and grenade in another. So, Indian leftist intelligentsia always oppose tribal welfare schemes and RSS back tribal welfare projects in North- East India. Hence “Operation Beti Uthao” was solely aimed at tarnishing RSS image among North East tribals.

2)    Vidya Bharati established itself as major player in education field in N-E India by successfully competing Church run schools, so Church was in a mood to settle the scores with Vidya Bharati.

3)    Sewa Bharati Purbanchal snatched initiative from Church run service projects aimed as evangelization by running aggressive flood relief campaigns and relief work during sectarian violence, so Church was waiting to hit Sewa Bharati.

4)    Central Government cancelled FCRA licences of many NGOs with dubious record and invited wrath from these NGOs, which might have funded your “Operation Beti Uthao”.

5)    All educational and service projects run by nationalistic NGOs and groups were largely responsible for eroding base of terrorist groups in N-E India. So foreign powers which want to foment terrorist violence in N-E India were angry at these NGOs.

Before concluding this letter, can I ask you, Neha Didi and Outlook management one simple question? Will you answer my question? If you can’t answer, will you simply apologise me?

My unique simple question to what is your contribution to the welfare of North-East India’s tribals? How much you have spent on same? If you haven’t done anything for us, you have no moral ground to target and thrash those who are doing this noble duty.

I hope you will answer my question and stop scolding those doing positive social work.

Vaishnav K. Ronja
(B.A.M.S. student from Garo Hills- Meghalaya)
Parshuram Medical College- Lote- Chiplun
Dist- Ratnagiri- Maharashtra
Dated:- August 01,2016

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