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Kashmir the epicentre of a global war?

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Seema Raghunath
Seema Raghunath
I am inclined to study and write about Psychology, Social development, logical Philosophy and subjects pertaining to Human Rights
The reason this subject of contention on the Northern Indian frontier is not getting it’s due globally has more reasons than one. A forceful push by peace loving India, will be reason for Pakistan to legitimately commence a war that absorbs all other countries into the mess. No one has been able to comprehend the strange and patronising US contribution to ISIS and Pakistan. The speeches by all the US Presidents so far have been predictable on the note of regret, shock and condemnation after every bombing or massacre. But within days the same US is also known to sanction hefty loans to this terrorist nation.
Most recently the USD 840 million they approved for Pakistan left most Indians with raised eyebrows for over a week. Just then Europe and its mass killing by the ISIS managed to get the lifted brow to frown. All money that comes in any shape or form ends up as a bomb and yet good cash leaves American shores to land in Pakistan, a country that should have been isolated from economic trade and business relations to make them toe in line in the name of world peace. It does make one wonder if this whole mess works like the mafia that is managed by the politicians ?  Is the ISIS a detractor, an action delivered by the hired to distract the world while some under cover activity happens at the opposite end of the globe during each attack ? Decoy or not, the fact that Pakistan is Americas Blue eyed baby, while it is a proven miscreant cannot be ruled out, just as much as it cannot be fathomed.
If India has to collect all evidence so far and state the fact as it presented, to expect US and the UN to take a tough stand is worthless expectation. In light of that reality if India did decide on its own to use tough means with the Kashmir issue we must anticipate all Islamic countries around the world will convene as One. The book is always above the human and the book dictates peace. Sad but true that religious mafia have no comprehension of ethics and moral code. They dont see nor seek right from wrong. Religion unites and religion parts the world of people as it stands today. If such a stand we ever are determined to make – that stand will be US against the rest of the world. The rest will constitute the Apathetic, The Islamic and India. Allies will be rare and too far in between to ever matter. Peace loving India has abstained from such a decision not because 1.3 billion is not good population to withstand the ISIS but because the mayhem that will arise will disturb the world for very long .
I used the words “peace loving” – and these are the two words, why India continues to tolerate the social derelicts and terrorists of Kashmir. World peace is at stake. If we were being idealists other countries would have by now agreed to stop Pakistan’s air supply by cutting off any financial aid, stop trade, stop their entry to the world and succeeded in creating Trade ostracisation. It would have been the best effigy for a unified world wall. Islamabad would have found itself incapable of self sustenance. A final call to shape up or go down. Give up this madness to be normal and be above religion.
If we had to play the devils advocate, then this route need not work too. This kind of a unified seclusion of Pakistan would be something that will have other Islamic countries hover over to support and protect them while the economic coup lasts . In which case instead of 3 parts the world would be divided into 2 halves Radical Islamic nations  and the Rational others. A war would be inevitable. One that blooms itself into a good wholesome blood draining war for years. Even if the world chooses to ignore this reality, here in India sits one of the epicentre of the ISIS and the threat to world peace, made worse each time some imprudent, dim-wit country aids them and fortifies their wealth, each cent of which only buys a gun, a vest and a bomb.
Many if us are wondering when will the world wisen up ? When will this ISIS hub – Pakistan ease off ? When will peace for people all over the world make its sheepish appearance ? When will people be first humans and then believers of a certain god ? The issue lies with the psychology of people. It is like religion numbs the ability to be sane. My utter abhor and complete disdain for people for whom religion is FIRST and LAST is herewith established. Anyone – just anyone who chants their god and makes an exhibition of their GOD attachment, is an instant Blah for rationalists. Fanaticism is the flush plug that sucks out the last iota of intelligence and offers a wasted mind dunked in extremist thinking. And on that note, just because an over religious person is not holding a gun does not make them wise people either. NOBODY who sells or preaches a certain God without tolerance for all varieties shapes and forms of God there is or can be -is not an intelligent human being. It is ridiculous that people so convincingly fight defend and wage war over someone they never met or books claim was last seen 10,000 years to 2000 years ago ! The most dangerous human being is one who recognises others as human only if the god between them is the same or the other can be converted by fear or by coaxing !!! What kind of baloney is that ?
So is there a solution really ? Kashmir stays a seductive lollypop the neighbour wants . The ISIS is a world problem the UN does not want to eradicate. And between Pakistan and Kashmir sits most of all the terrorism there is in the world today. People who were given the chance to leave 65 years ago and dint leave despite feeling more Islamic than secular Indian, now pose as a problem in the valley. Some who are pelting stones and training their own to use the gun are the ones Pakistan sent some years ago through barbed wires across the border. The infiltration from Pakistan who now somehow hold Indian passports thanks to our corrupt governance sing India Murdabad while our cops run for cover ! The government sits there scratching chin decade after decade like there is no possibility of a permanent cure. Everyone is tip-toeing around Kashmir like its eggshells.

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Seema Raghunath
Seema Raghunath
I am inclined to study and write about Psychology, Social development, logical Philosophy and subjects pertaining to Human Rights
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