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Famous and influential Indian personalities who pose a threat to Hinduism

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I am penning this article in the background of the deadly Orlando attacks. It is now no secret that, religion has become the major cause for strife in this world. Previously, countries officially backed by their armies were prepared to go at war with each other for the sake of religion. Then, when a semblance of maturity started to envelop mankind after the 2nd World War and countries were asked to be more mature in response to provocation, religious bigots felt threatened. Since, being mature and without conflict was against the very purpose of religion invented by man. Hence, these same religious bigots invented Terror groups operating within the fringes of so called stable and mature nations. These groups waging war against those whom they deemed as enemies to their religion. Sometimes against their own country which housed those groups.

Nations gathered together with more cohesiveness to cut off the supply lines of these terror groups. More level headed talk and plain speak was being encouraged. Countries seen supporting these groups were being warned. Directly and Indirectly. The influence of these groups seemed to be waning, when, suddenly out of nowhere terror evolved from groups to lone wolves. Lone wolf terrorists now becoming the single most cause of concern for nations across the globe.

The 2 man-made religions at the centre of this conflict being Islam & Christianity. Being a Hindu, I am really not concerned about these 2 religions. I am really not concerned about the negativity surrounding these 2 religions. They might be great. Let us all assume they are. But where does that leave me and more than a billion Hindus who are basically peace loving? Both these religions being expansionist religions. The propagators of both these religions not satisfied with their present following. They simply want more and more adherence. The more they seek an expansionist adherence, the more they keep increasing the chances of conflict.

To know the reality of the challenge in present day India, it is very important to know how and through whom the challenge is being propagated in my country. I have identified a bucket list of those who present a ‘Clear and Present Danger’ to me and my religion and my brothers and sisters. In my 3 part series, I shall be tackling specific Individuals, Political Parties and NGOs who present a ‘Clear and Present Danger’ to my country and our way of life. This effort of mine is in not an indication that Hinduism is in any kind of danger. I foresee Hinduism evolving into the World’s foremost religion in the coming 100 years. With people across the globe tired of constant conflict and stress. No religion being capable of the capacity to offer solace and comfort from this constant conflict, the automatic choice becomes Hinduism. All the same like a dying cobra whose dying bite still capable of killing, the people and organizations mandated to ensure the expansion of the other 2 major religions in India will keep trying till their last breath, and ensure a minimum amount of chaos in our country in the process.

1. Kancha Illiah.
A Telugu like me born into a Shepherd’s caste (Kuruma Golla caste) in present day Telangana which is identified as a BC caste as per Indian Caste census. How he then became a Dalit is a mystery? Courtesy the Rohit Vemula case, it is now an open secret about the Conversion-Christianity-Dalit status nexus for the sake of academic and professional growth. And since his conversion, is openly championing the cause of his new Religious Masters. How? By deriding and insulting Hinduism in various forums and through his literary works. His specific hatred towards Brahmins & RSS is reflected in all his talk shows and literary works. His strong educational background and his connections to the Church and the leftists make him a very formidable challenge to deal with. He according to me is Hinduism’s numero uno enemy.

2. Sonia Gandhi.
Her agenda is now an open secret. Her Italian birth and her strong Vatican connections and her position as the most powerful person in India since the past 10 years until a certain Narendra Modi came and displaced her, makes her an extremely formidable foe of Hinduism. The very fact that she heads a party which controlled the Education Ministry for 10 long years, which oversaw wide ranging curriculum changes in school text books which even her late husband and Mother-in-law did not dare to touch is now a stuff of legends. Overnight names in English and Math Text books were changed from Hindu to Christian and Muslim sounding names in the CBSE Curriculum. Her Christian CM Stooges like YS Rajashekhar Reddy personally oversaw an attempt to convert AP into a Christian State with tacit understanding of the powerful Reddy Community. His blatant and daring attempt to sell land in the Holy Tirumalai (Tirupati) Hills to Missionary Organizations which houses perhaps India’s most Holy Hindu Place of worship which is the Balaji Temple being the stuff of legends.

3. Christian Reddy Politicians of AP & Telangana.
Suddenly, overnight it was not known which Reddy was a Hindu and which was a Christian, or which Reddy was married to a Christian Reddy. It is now confirmed that AP was ruled by at least 2 Christian Reddys. Namely YSR himself and N. Janardhan Reddy (CM from 1990 – 1992). Other Reddy CMs still being suspect. The wife of the last CM of United AP Kiran Kumar Reddy is a Christian. And the most powerful Telangana Congress Leader Jana Reddy who was almost tipped to become CM of United AP in place of Kiran Kumar Reddy too being a Christian. Irony being, Jana Reddy still fancies himself as the future CM of Telangana if and when Congress comes to power in the State. No need to mention that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy son of the late YSR and who heads AP’s Main Opposition Party YSRCP again is a Christian. The vote share difference which YSRCP had as compared to TDP in the 2014 Assembly elections being less than 2%. While TDP secured 46.3%, YSRCP secured 44.47%. There is or was no doubt left that YS Jagan would have completed the unfinished task set about by his father under the patronage of Sonia Gandhi. YS Jagan’s sister YS Sharmila ending up marrying a Hindu Brahmin Anil Kumar and converting him to Christianity. Anil Kumar thus becoming the 1st Brahmin in the country to convert himself into Christianity and also now becoming India’s foremost Evangelist in the process. He is more famously now known as ‘Brother Anil Kumar’. He now lauds over a several thousand crore Evangelical Empire.

4. Aamir Khan.
His hatred for Hindus and Hinduism can be judged from his talk show ‘Satyameva Jayate’, where each and every topic he chose on the talk show was directly or indirectly referring to the problems of Hindu culture and it’s certain wrong practices. His marriage to Kiran Rao who happens to be a Hindu Telugu Velama from Telangana whose Paternal Grandfather Raja Rameshwara Rao was a vassal of the Nizam and ruled Wanaparthy Samasthanam of Mahbubnagar District (KCR’s MP seat when he was an MP) seems to have made him more anti-Hindu. Kiran Rao’s Maternal 1st cousin being actress Aditi Rao Hydari. Both their mothers being sisters. The Grandfather of Aditi Rao’s Father Akbar Hydari was the Prime Minister to the Hyderabad Nizam. The Raja of Wanaparthy (Paternal Grandfather of both cousins) later being integrated into the Congress Party by Nehru, after losing his title on the aftermath of Operation Polo effected by Sardar Patel. He was a several time MP from Mahbubnagar constituency, which was later represented by another Velama KCR, now present CM of Telangana. Aamir Khan’s frustration at BJP coming to power can be judged by his famous statement that, his wife did not feel secure in India after BJP coming to power.

5. Barkha Dutt.
No need for introduction on Ms.Dutt’s background. Her background check will give a list of youtube videos showing her open anti-Hindu stands and arguments. She is easily India’s most hated journalist. To make matters worse, she has chosen to keep her personal life fiercely secretive. A highly hypocritical trait considering that she considers it her birthright to tear apart other people’s personal lives and the Hindu Culture by trampling on the feelings of Millions through her professional work. Her war coverage of Kargil, 26/11 & Pathankot attacks which seem to give the terrorists a bird’s eye view of the positions of Indian troops and security apparatus makes her a primary suspect to carry out anti-national activities. Let alone anti-Hindu activities.

6. Rajdeep Sardesai
This guy seems to be the joker of the pack. Highly intelligent and cunning, he has no hesitation in stepping back from his stated position. While Barkha Dutt is known not to compromise on her stated positions, Rajdeep has many a time conveniently withdrawn his stated controversial positions on critical issues, only to withdraw and regroup later. He is not known to judge a situation fairly in his journalistic coverage, and along with his sleeveless sporting wife Sagarika whose journalistic career has come to a complete standstill makes a deadly combo against Hinduism.

7. Karan Thapar
This journalist represents a coiled rattle snake, ready to strike. His single most hatred towards the BJP & RSS is evident from his several interviews and talk shows with BJP & RSS Personalities. His questions carry the venom of a Black Mamba, and the confused reply of the BJP/RSS guest becoming a non-stop Breaking News Headline. Reports that he also works for the Pakistani ISI brings him into the top 10 list of anti-Hindu personalities having a field day in Modern India.

8. Prannoy Roy
This personality needs no introduction. There is enough evidence that his News Network NDTV works under combined Vatican & Saudi patronage. And now his network is under the red with the ED (Enforcement Directorate). That his co-editor is Barkha Dutt who also finds herself in this list doesn’t endear himself exactly to the Hindus of India. The fact that his mother is Irish Catholic and his wife Radhika is sister of Brinda Karat who is among the top 5 CPI(M) Politburo Members doesn’t exactly help his credentials of being a true Hindu Secular in the real sense. Another fact that he is 1st cousin of India’s foremost anti-National Arundhati Roy completing his identity vortex of also being counted as among India’s foremost anti-Hindus.

9. Arundhati Roy
The less said about her the better. Daughter of a Keralite Syrian Catholic mother, she is the only one in the entire list who is open and vitriolic on her anti-India stand. That too, being an Indian. She seems to hate everything which India represents. Armed with her self serving lessons on history, she has gone on record opposing the Indian State on sensitive subjects such as Kashmir. The fact that she is a writer of International Repute makes her a very dangerous phenomenon on the anti-India as well as anti-Hindu skyline. That she has to be tackled ideologically with the topmost priority would be an understatement.

10. Nidhi Razdan
Coming to think of it, she is actually a Hindu Kashmiri Pandit, which automatically qualifies her to be in the forefront of pro-Indian or pro-Hindu narratives. But rather she has chosen herself to be an ideal bluff to Barkha’s sustained aggression against Hindus on the NDTV Coverage skyline. Her contempt at the invited pro-Hindu guests at her news program gives enough evidence against her anti-Hindu and anti-Hinduism stand.

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