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Not an MoU with NDTV, but Textile Ministry should do this

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Well, I had been thinking a lot about this for days now but what prompted me to write today is the MoU between Textile ministry and a handloom company promoted by none other than NDTV and the anger of almost all BJP supporters towards it.

What made me think about it was a casual visit to a local market nearby and while just browsing through the household furnishing items displayed which looked handmade like crochet table covers, jute mats etc, was surprised to know that all the items were from China. Of course, the price was also very lucrative, none exceeding Rs. 500/- that too without bargaining.

Compare these with any of the ‘Handmade’ stuff we get to buy, either at the mahotsavs, shilp melas, Dilli Haat, emporiums or the last resort – FabIndia!

The difference in pricing is humongous! Starting from almost double to what one can’t even imagine to pay for simple household furnishings…

And if one asks why the price is so high, the simple reason always given is “It is handmade!”

What I want to request the Textile Minister, Skill India people, Make in India people to do is make these handmade, handicrafts, handloom items available at reasonable pricing to common middle class salaried people, who want to buy them but end up buying mostly Chinese stuff and keep these as mere souvenirs to be displayed during Diwali time.

Also important is to maintain the standard of items as it is generally seen that “Made in India” products lack the finish & perfection of even chinese products despite being costlier. All of us are aware of our typical Indian mentality of “chalta hai’ attitude. This needs to be countered to make “Make in India” really successful.

Till the time this is not done, the ministry’s tie ups with NDTV or its allied company will not make any real difference. The customers will again be the same ‘FabIndia’ crowd who will have another such high priced avenue to spend their ‘hard earned money’.

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