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An Open Letter to Nitish Kumar

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Sumit Kumar
Proud Indian,Bachelor in Chemistry,right-leaning writer,interested in politics,society,cricket,international affairs,wanna-be politician and a jabra fan of Virat Kohli ! Tweet me at @SumitKu16651489

Respected CM Sir,

I had never imagined of writing a letter to you but as they say, unplanned things are more likely to happen vis-a-vis the planned ones. I write this admist the unrest at Bihar , and particularly at Gaya after the cold blooded murder of Aditya Sachdeva, the boy standing at the last phase of teenage. I write this letter on behalf of non-intelligentsia class of your state who feel vulnerable today in their own home state.

Sir,we feel vulnerable and fearful that we may become the victims of some political leaders if we deliberately or unknowingly tend to hurt their ego in some way or the other. We feel fearful that our bodies may get reduced to few gram of ashes within a few minutes of time. The fear  has accrued as a result of your inability to reduce the crime rate in our home state & the fear has further widened because of the involvement of legislators of the ruling party in many cases. You may belie my statement by arguing the fact that you have suspended all such alleged legislators including Manorma Devi. But can you answer the fact that why did you lent the MLC ticket to the wife of a goon of Gaya who is an accused on grounds of sedition as well. Wife of such person who never respected law in his entire life was made responsible to frame laws & obviously she only got the ticket beacuse he was not eligible under RPA. Even if I buy the shallow justification of your spokesperson that you have zero tolerance against crime, why don’t you go and meet the family of Aditya Sachdeva who fear that the evidences can be tempered with in the meantime ?  Why don’t you assure us that no such brutality from any legislator from atleast your ruling coalition parties won’t happen in future?

Sadly, instead of visiting the family of deceased, you are busy rallying for your political party in other states. Instead of assuring you people’s safety and making us feel safe, you are busy in doing your political gimmicks. I request you from the core of my heart to correct the anarchy and criminality undergoing in here& return the old Bihar to us where engineers, doctors, students were safe & the discussions used to happen on Special Status of Bihar and not on the Jungle Raaj of Bihar.

Yours respectfully
A Bihari

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Sumit Kumar
Proud Indian,Bachelor in Chemistry,right-leaning writer,interested in politics,society,cricket,international affairs,wanna-be politician and a jabra fan of Virat Kohli ! Tweet me at @SumitKu16651489

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