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Why Barkha’s limitation of journalistic skills to moderate a debate was exposed at Women in the world program?

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  1. People don’t want anchor to give sermons and lecture but they expect moderator to facilitate the debate.
  2. People don’t want moderator to take sides but expect them to be neutral and equi distance.
  3. People in US when talks about Islam, Hinduism is not its opposite. So if you want to balance a debate and want to counter Islamic liberals, and talk about Hinduism evil, people in US can’t relate it. Because Barkha didn’t realize Hindu-Muslim is talked only in India and not in other parts of the world, she was looking fool. There it is Muslim v/s. Christian or Jews or so on.
  4. She fails to focus on subject and forgotten she was not on NDTV where she can spin. She was rightly snubbed by Ayaan to remind her to focus on subject and don’t spin. Barkha kept on talking irrelevant things about India which had nothing to do with the subject being debated.
  5. She lost the plot and became laughing stock by giving an example of Indian child marriage. The panel, Ayaan was talking of legality of child marriage in Islam like Saudi whereas Barkha was talking about illegal child marriages in India to balance. The other panellist was smart and she gave a correct reply by citing laws in various Islamic countries where minimum age of marriage is fixed.

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