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Why are the Indian Media and Intellectuals anti-Hindu?

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Indian media though shouts and cringes on slight vibration is simply cowardly west worshiping and nation hating. Looking at the different reports ranging from white lies and imagined truths the media clearly has shown one trait time and often. Any atrocity where Hindus or Hindu is a victim is down played under reported or not reported at all.

On the other hand when the victim belongs to another religion the atrocities are even imagined and even a horse gets a hero status if it can be used to attack BJP or Narendra Modi.

Even if we say that BJP is a pro-Hindu party, why do these media men women take pride in demeaning and demonizing a major chunk of population in India? It is a serious question that these so called bearers of Truth need to be asked: “Why does an injury to horse which was used by Police to crush a protest from BJP workers seems somehow more important and worthy of attention than the killing of a Hindu in Kerala on the same day?”

There are no debates oped and edit columns seen when these incidents happen where the victims are Hindu. what do these media houses think there duty is to tarnish the image of the country and make the majority Hindus demonized creatures throughout the world like Jews have been made in the Islamic world? Even in International media, there is no outrage when a Jew is attacked or stabbed in Germany for something that has happened in Iraq or Syria or Palestine.

Returning to our topic regarding Indian media, it’s mission nowadays seems to be to demonize Hindus and thereby create an impression that India today under Modi is like Iran where no one is allowed to raise his voice.

But let us have a look at the facts. Dadri incident happened where a personal scuffle resulted in death of one Ikhlaq and Media was quick to add beef to it.

Every week there is a news mostly from Kerala where Hindus are hacked to death mercilessly either allegedly by communist activists or Muslim fundamentals. If we look at the coverage that media gives to these incidents one is forced to admit that they treat these murders as less important than the injury to a police horse.

To add salt to the injury, these same media men and women go on painting Hindu organizations as intolerant violent and some politicians and some self styled intellectuals equate them with barbaric and savage ISIS people.

This is an irony people from Hindu organizations are killed with impunity even the protest marches are attacked and the media and these so called intellectuals label Hindus as intolerant and violent.

Recently a Professor from JNU has claimed on the basis of her hallucinations result of reading ISI literature in the name of research that Hindu Society is most violent society in the world. This is the professor who is supposed to know a little bit. Has this professor seen anything about Afghanistan KSA and other countries and seen how women are treated there? Has this closed head seen how in many societies around the world she does not have even the right to separate from her abusive husband and even stop physical violence against her which is treated legally as the right of the husband? Does she know there are societies in the world of which she seems to be very fond of where you can be killed by Husband father brother and they  will be cheered for that by their neighbors and no law can punish them? But Hinduism is most violent!

How many terror organizations have Hindus made and in how many terror attacks are Hindus involved around the world? Has this so called Professor ever tried to see the statistics of word terror activities? Can this Professor tell us how many countries have been attacked by Hindu India or Nepal in the recent and past history?

There do not exist even .000001 percent facts which can substantiate the claims of this JNU asur guru still why is she making such sweeping statements. If we talk about motivation we know that her salary comes from Indian tax payers money, most of them are Hindus which she gleefully demonizes. Is someone paying her more? Same can be applied to Media.

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