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Open letter to Kanhaiya Kumar of JNU for his speech blaming it all on Modi

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Dear Kanhaiya,

I am a very simple common student who doesn’t enjoy political support of any chief minister or big journalists. If I speak something, they will not show live on TV, which is why I am using this platform to tell you something.

You say that you want to attain aazaadi from bhukhmari, garibi, jaatiwad, and all. Very good, but how are you going to get it by abusing our Prime Minister in a crowd full of your own kind of people? If speeches and abuses gave us aazaadi from those evils, we’d have been a superpower by now!

Did you really want a way to get aazaadi from those things or just a chance or a platform to abuse the Prime Minister? You have to decide who is your biggest enemy? Above mentioned things or the PM of this country? By the way you have all the aazaadi to abuse the PM, now concentrate on other issues.

Let us come to your speech. Many people are poor in this country. My grandfather was a farmer. To get aazaadi from poverty, my father got admitted to a government school. He then chose to be with books in a closed room rather than being with slogan shouters on roads.

My father had to stay away from his parents and faced a lot of difficulties, but he chose to study anyhow, and to got a government job at satisfactory post. That’s how he got aazaadi from bhukhmari and gareebi.

It is very easy to put your blame on others for your failure. Let me ask you if Baba Ambedkar would had thought and would had relied on government to end his poverty would he had got? If Dhirubhai Ambani had relied on govt to do something would he had been able to do? If many young entrepreneurs would had relied on government to build their start up would they had been succeeded today?

Dear Kanhaiya, you are purely busy in doing politics in your speech as the way you said “hum aise sarkar laenge aur badlao laenge” and all.

Dear Kanhaiya, stop playing politics and if you do want to speak about students, then do speak about reservations. If you want to speak, then do speak about educating people the various plans of government and to enlighten them of their benefits. If you do want to speak, do speak on giving no tickets to criminals contesting elections. Just abusing your own Prime Minister won’t let you to go anywhere.

Speaking of our Prime Minister, do you know what phases has he seen in his life? What he had to suffer for the things he never did? If u are a son of poor farmer, then he too is son of a poor chaiwala.

Just for being jailed for 23 days, you have became so frustrated ask our Prime Minister who has suffered for 14 years and was being abused on every channel in India. In your case, you were lucky enough to get some media support but he got none at that time. He has patiently heard all that criticism and has proven himself clean at every stages of his life.

Anyway, at least I know people like you are so heavily nurtured that you’ll never understand whatever I tell you. So before speaking to or commenting on someone, better get your way in right direction and have a correct opinion of that person and try to look at real face of that person not to what people are showing you.

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