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Another hitjob: Army is NOT being hired to teach patriotism

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Indian media has plummeted to the absolute depths of low level journalism. Such is the scene that their own articles reveal the truth which they are trying to hide. Today’s topic of outrage was a news story broken by India Today that the HRD Ministry proposes to hire Army men to teach patriotism.

See this news piece by India Today. It is titled: “After national flag, Smriti Irani ropes in Army to teach nationalism on campus“. It further says:

In yet another controversial move to “instil nationalism” among India’s youths, Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani has now decided to rope in the Indian Army to teach patriotism in the universities controlled by the government.

The story has seven paragraphs, the one above is the first. The remaining six are all dedicated to the hoisting of flag issue with no mention of any details of the above proposal of hiring army-men to teach patriotism. Please note that the piece says the Army is supposed to be hired in Universities.

Next, move to another story, again by India Today. This one is titled  “HRD ministry proposes to hire Army veterans to teach patriotism in schools”

Although the title says that the Army will be hired to teach patriotism, the byline and the main article says something completely different:

Byline:Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani had proposed hiring retiring junior commissioned officers and soldiers as physical training instructors at central government schools.

Main Article:Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani had proposed hiring retiring junior commissioned officers and soldiers as physical training instructors at central government schools. That plan has now been set into motion. “Soldiers retiring from the army after completion of 17 years of ‘colour service’ and JCOs at the end of their military tenure who are willing to join central schools are to be posted as PT instructors,” sources said. “Soldiers are physically fit and are trained to be mentally robust even in the most difficult situations. With their personality and bearing, they will also influence students positively,” sources added.

So although the headline says that the soldiers will teach patriotism, the article says that retiring army men will be hired to be physical training instructors. Why this vast difference in headline and actual article? Also please note, the article states that the army-men will be hired at Central Government Schools, whereas the 1st article mention that they will be hired at Universities. In fact, in the second article, “Universities” is not even mentioned.

Moving along, in the second piece, finally we get to the paragraph about nationalism:

Apart from physical fitness and mental toughening, soldiers will also inculcate a spirit of nationalism and patriotism among school students. “Soldiers carry with them stories of unparalleled valour and sacrifice from Siachen to counter-terror ops and from aiding civil authorities during natural calamities to keeping the interests of India First. These examples will certainly inspire students,” sources privy to the proposal told Mail Today

Can you see the difference? The piece itself says that the primary motive of hiring army-men is to be PT instructors, and apart from this, they may inculcate nationalism. But, the devious and deceitful headline says that the army-men are being hired for teaching patriotism alone!

Moving ahead, another shocker. This next paragraph states that this in fact is just a pilot project:

The pilot project will begin at select central schools and if the feedback is positive it will be extended to other central schools across the country, as well as private schools.

Yet, the news story is being played out as if it is a full blown all-India exercise. Why? This same paragraph makes another startling disclosure:

“While PT classes are compulsory for students, interaction with soldiers and classroom talks on nationalism, patriotism, military deployment in counter-terror operations etc will be optional for students to attend,” the official added.

The official states that interaction with soldiers on issues like nationalism will be optional! Can you understand the scale of this hitjob:

1. Retiring army-men may be hired as PT Instructors NOT for teaching nationalism

2. It is only a pilot project and NOT a pan-India exercise

3. They will be hired in Governement schools and NOT in Universities

4. Their job will be to impart physical training and interaction on nationalism will be OPTIONAL.

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