A chilling possibility: a much bigger conspiracy been pre-empted at Pampore?

Following news item appeared on a news outlet : “As the anti-terror operations continue in Papmore area of Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday, the Entrepreneurship Development Institute building, where terrorists are holed up, has been set on fire. Five soldiers – three Army paratroopers and two CRPF jawans – and a civilian have lost their lives”.

The question which keeps bothering is : How come we lost three fine officers .. That too from the Paramilitary? It’s difficult to understand this unacceptable high loss as 10 Para SF is one of the best we got! We will have to wait for the facts from the officials on this.

Meanwhile the other curiosity is this : Why do we rush in our special forces in everything? Shouldn’t they be brought in sparingly? A logical explanation is perhaps because of recent failures like Pathankot and Uri. Or the other more likely reason could be that our security forces must have realised these are not regular terrorists.. Experts I spoke to believed that Pakistan has sent in their SSG as militants (the Pak eqivalant of SF).

That these may be SSG is borne by other facts too. In operations such as these, the command remains with the GOC .. outer cordon by CRPF .. inner cordon by army and then the SF teams enter. This house entry always buys casualties .. but the SF are very well trained for such ops. The number of casualties on SF is proof enough that these are  not usual LeT or JeM kind of militants who are easily neutralised in short time but SSG cadre of the standard used in the Parliament attack.

The question which begs answering now : assuming enemy is rational, Why would Pakistan send in their SSG level force for such low impact operation? Or is it that our forces have prempted something bigger that was on the cards?

Coming as it does closely on the heals of manufactured belligerence among the Red corridors and other internal disturbances,  it’s a very chilling reality we seem to be looking at!

There was most certainly something much bigger planned through these incursions, and out security forces seemed to have got wind and neutralised the plan. Let’s wait and watch as this story unfolds.  Our tributes to our brave martyrs from the Army and Paramilitary forces! JAI Hind.


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