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Open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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Ashutosh Muglikar
Ashutosh Muglikar
Articles on Corporate Laws, Policy, Economics and Politics. Maverick. Lover of Ideas. Slayer of Hoaxes.

Pakistan’s spy agency ISI is currently escalating a proxy war against India by nurturing terror groups in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan, but Adarsh Liberals and some in BJP can’t even see it.

Terror has always been a tool to wage a war against India by the Pakistanis. With PM Narendra Modi and NSA Ajit Doval at the helm of affairs, we RW expect a strong and 56″ response against the perpetrators of crimes against our fellow Indians. JUD Chief is free and issues sermons against India from time to time. What has Pakistan done to stop terror or bring the perpetrators of terror acts to justice?

While you and NSA are strongly dealing with Pakistan at our borders, there are some persons who are within India and precisely within the Bharatiya Janata Party who are turning a blind eye to these open facts. I don’t believe that you are not aware of these facts. Having said this, I am appalled at the way this whole India Pakistan cricket series talks are being handled by the Government.

I dont have to remind you of the countless victims of Pak sponsored terror attacks. Do you think we are doing any justice to these families by establishing cricketing ties with a failed nation? Is our patriotism and honour not important when economics comes into picture? Is entertainment more important?

I don’t support “Greenpeace” or their activities but I wish to draw an analogy from the incident whereby the government did not allow Ms. Priya Pillai to travel abroad because possibly she could have brought disrepute to India. Why cant the government stop BCCI (an independent body) from conducting this series as it will surely bring disrepute to our motherland?

I wish to draw your kind attention to response by Russia after Turkey shot down their fighter jet recently.

In January 2014 you had given us your ‘Idea of India’ which mentioned that mother and motherland are superior than heaven. I dont think actions by Shri. Anurag Thakur in anyway respect our motherland. It is a fact that when commercial interests were to be protected, he was quick enough to sideline the sentiments of common man and issued shameless statements like SM is not the voice of the nation.

India is already playing Pakistan at world cup etc. which can’t be avoided, we understand that. What goes beyond our logic is why is there a need for a separate bilateral series? Forget about responses to terror like Russia and Israel, we cant even keep up our self respect. This series, for me, will bring only shame to India.

I trust you and your conscience, as your humble supporter, I make a fervent appeal to stop this nonsensical and rude acts by rogues in BCCI esp. Anurag Thakur. I hope my appeal is heard.

~An Indian.

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Ashutosh Muglikar
Ashutosh Muglikar
Articles on Corporate Laws, Policy, Economics and Politics. Maverick. Lover of Ideas. Slayer of Hoaxes.
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